1000+ Best Conclusion Starters To Start A Good Conclusion Paragraph

The concluding paragraph of your essay is just as important as your introductory paragraph. It should be given an extreme level of importance because it is the closing of your writing, and you need to convince the readers about everything you have put together in the intro and the body. While writing a conclusion, you can also put forth all the key points that you discussed previously with brevity.

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How do we describe a good conclusion?

A good conclusion is something that encapsulates everything that is mentioned in the essay previously in a summarised and compact way. The conclusion should also connote the cessation of your writing piece to the readers.

Points to remember while concluding an essay:

  • In your conclusion, you should never introduce any new idea discussed previously, and it unnecessarily lengthens the ending.
  • Always try to throw light on the key points of your essay, not on the minor ones.
  • Try to make the conclusion impactful enough so that it leaves an imprint in the mind of the readers.

How to write a good conclusion?

Remember, you can’t overwhelm the readers if you can’t write an impactful conclusion. In order to end your essay powerfully, you can either ask thought-provoking questions to your readers or include quotes, a warning or cite great minds.

What is a conclusion starter?

A conclusion starter is the outset of your concluding paragraph. It acts as a linkage between the body and the conclusion, then it opens to the summers of the essay, your final thoughts and then you end the essay with a closing line.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Conclusion Starters

Simple and Impressive:

  1. Finally
  2. Lastly
  3. Clearly
  4. Hence
  5. Thus
  6. Nevertheless
  7. Overall
  8. To sum up
  9. As per my opinion
  10. Generally
  11. Therefore
  12. In General
  13. In conclusion
  14. As expressed before
  15. For this exact reason
  16. Given these points
  17. All aspects considered deeply
  18. I think there is no opinion but to conclude
  19. As we draw to the closure
  20. Now that we know
  21. Ultimately
  22. Thus, the logical conclusion seems to be
  23. With all these kept in mind
  24. Considering the perspective of
  25. There is nothing else but a conclusion
  26. When faced with the question of
  27. Hence it can be restated
  28. In a nutshell
  29. On the whole

For Schools and colleges:

  • To summarise
  • We can conclude that
  • In closing
  • In short
  • In brief
  • Briefly, we can say
  • To sum it up all
  • Putting a briefly
  • Eventually
  • As a result
  • Altogether
  • In the final analysis
  • All things considered
  • Thus, I have come to a conclusion that
  • In effect
  • In my opinion
  • In the end
  • After all, that’s said
  • I recommend
  • The informative conclusion is that
  • Last but not the least
  • Looking back
  • I hope you can now understand
  • Now you know why
  • You should now consider
  • Without doubt
  • I think I have shown
  • To review
  • The time has come to
  • I hope you

For Research papers:

  • As per the final analysis
  • Based on the evidence
  • As expected, the result signifies
  • Due to the result
  • In the light of these findings
  • As per the data, it can be indicated
  • Unexpectedly the data reviled
  • To assume from the data
  • The result showcases
  • While further research is competent

Other powerful conclusion starters:

  • Things as observed
  • As per my perspective
  • Long story short
  • In simple language
  • I would finally like to say
  • On final idea
  • My conclusions are
  • The nexus between
  • After discussing
  • It is worth re-examining
  • Since
  • While
  • It is my conviction
  • It is my sincere belief that
  • My verdict is that
  • Through this research, we learn
  • The summative end is that
  • That was the conclusion reached
  • My final bow is
  • I’m looking forward to
  • The significant revelations
  • What the study reveals
  • The broad conclusion
  • On the whole
  • All in one
  • Based on the discussion above
  • Inclosure
  • As a final point
  • The study concluded
  • To wrap it up all
  • The summative conclusion is that
  • My reflections on

The Bottom Line

These conclusion starters can be used to begin a conclusion paragraph. With the help of a brilliant and effective ending, you may make your speech or write-up unforgettable for your audience, no matter what your topic is. Use any effective conclusion starters at the beginning of your conclusion paragraph if you want to add worth to your work.

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