Essay Writing – 5 Things You Need to Consider While Writing

Essay writing is a skill that not everyone can master without time, patience, and practice. Usually, people believe that those with a vast vocabulary knowledge can easily write excellent and exciting essays. But, this is not the case. People typically forget one thing; every writing style has some specific requirements and formats that make it unique from others.

To write a compelling and superlative essay, you have to consider multiple factors that matter in essay writing. If you ignore them, your piece of writing could be anything but not an essay.

Want to know the most critical factors you need to consider while writing an essay? This article is for you.

Let’s start with the first and the foremost important factor!

1.Your Audience

Whether writing an essay, novel, blog, or even an ad, you always need to know about your audience. However, in every form of writing, you should analyze your audience differently. 

For essay writing, you have to analyze your audience’s intellectual level. If you are unaware of it, you may write a great essay but fail to impress your audience with the words you choose and the arguments you present. 

For example, if your audience consists of scholars, you have to pick the most suitable words according to the discussion. But, on the other hand, when you are writing for the general public with the slightest knowledge about a topic, you have to come to their intellectual level to explain your ideas.

When you choose the right words, terminologies, and arguments that your audience can understand and relate to, you enhance the impact of your essays and make them fruitful.

2. Arguments

The thing that makes essays different from other forms of writing is that they need arguments. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a descriptive essay, expository or argumentative essay; you need to make your points valid with the right set of arguments. When you use the correct statements, you enhance your essay’s credibility and influence your readers.

If your essays are without arguments or you utilize vague arguments to support your statements, you lose the interest of your audience and make your writings less effective. Therefore, before penning down your opinion in terms of essays, make sure to do proper research and only use those statements that can educate your readers and win their trust.

3. Uniqueness 

Whether you are writing essays for children or scholars, they must be unique and exclusive. It is better not to copy others’ ideas and words and claim yours. It is not only unethical but can also create some legal issues for you. Therefore, it is always better not to copy others and come up with your own words. Even if you are writing about a topic covered by many philosophers, scholars, and writers, you should have your own angle of viewing and presenting things.

Avoid intentional and accidental plagiarism, as it could ruin your reputation. You can use a reliable plagiarism checker that highlights similar paragraphs or sentences to avoid plagiarism. The similarity checker assists you in making sure that your content is 100% unique and doesn’t have any traces of plagiarism.

You may think that you don’t need to check plagiarism as you have only used your own words or expressions and not copied others’ data. However, no one knows which phrases they used in their essays are already written somewhere else in the world. Millions of articles are written and uploaded on the internet, so there are huge chances that you may plagiarize others unintentionally. Although you don’t do it deliberately, it could harm your content’s credibility. Whether you write the whole essay yourself or get help from the internet, you must check the content with a plagiarism checker.

4. Structure

Besides uniqueness and other essential factors, you also need to focus on the structure of your essays. A well-structured essay not only enhances its beauty but also improves engagement. The users don’t lose interest and continue reading even the long essays when they are well-structured. The structure of your essays also allows you to present your arguments coherently. In addition to that, it also makes it easier for users to understand the whole idea of your essays. Therefore, you must learn the ways to structure your essays. 

When you don’t follow a good structure for your essay, you make them dull. Keep in mind that no one wants to read a boring article. So, if you want to communicate with your audience and spread your message, the structure must be good enough to keep your audience’s attention. 

5. The Purpose of the Essay

You may think this point should be at the top of this list, but it got the fifth position. According to some scholars, the purpose of writing an essay isn’t more important than the audience, arguments, uniqueness, and structure. However, you shouldn’t neglect the purpose if you want your essays to achieve them.

The purpose of writing an essay could be anything, including passing the semesters, spreading your ideas, or influencing others to make certain decisions. The purpose decides which kind of arguments and words you should use. Even it gives you directions on how to make your observations more impactful.


When you consider all of the things mentioned in this article, you make your essays more engaging, attractive, interesting, and compelling. On the other hand, if you ignore any of them, your efforts could provide you with no results.

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