9 Tips on How To Improve Quran Recitation

There are many tips, the most beneficial from them is to learn to recite the Quran in less time.  Reading the Quran without learning Tajweed is like roaming in a garden with a variety of lovely beautiful flowers and pressing them cruelly only because he doesn’t understand how to care about them.

9 Ways Improve Quran Recitation

With proper Tajweed, Our recitation’s beauty amplifies applying all rules rightly. The Quran is the Universal guide to make our life perfect. Should be read and recited with proper knowledge.

There are several ways in which anyone can increase his/her Quran recitation. However, to attain fluency, These are the ways to learn to recite the Quran.  

1. Hire Online Tutor

One of the main things to learn to recite the Quran is having an online professional teacher. When you begin to learn the Quran, You need a tutor to show you the standards of the Quran.

A professional teacher will be able to make you understand how to learn Quran tajweed and steadily get better. It only depends on your teacher.


The Quran is a Holy Book that contains Surahs, words, and letters. You firstly should understand the letters, their sounds, and their pronunciation.  It will help you with inappropriate recitation.

In the beginning, you need to practice the sound of each letter. Moreover, you should repeat and revise all letters of the Quran.  This will result in much understanding, it will reduce mistakes and increase the rewards. Hence proper pronunciation and fluency are really difficult. 

Learn Rules

It is important to understand Tajweed correctly. If you are not familiar with it, it means “ improve in a better way”. It basically refers to the rules of punctuation. 

To learn Arabic, You need to learn its Tajweed. If you are learning it. It means you are learning the Quran in an extraordinary way. 

Do Not Lose Hope

Learning Arabic is not an easy task, you need the patience to achieve this milestone. You can be heartbroken while not reading the right sounds even after so many attempts. During this time, remind yourself why you have started to learn to recite the Quran.

Everything is difficult at the start, But it doesn’t mean you should lose hope and not focus on your goal. Anything can be achieved. Failures are part of life, But you will learn from the experience and will get better every day.


The rise and fall while reciting the Quran. And how you make sound is also important. It would be beneficial if you will learn where to increase and when to slow down. And where to silent to master the recitation. 

When you know how to recite, you can improve your fluency while reciting the Quran. Keep yourself active and interested in the Quran regularly.

Quality of the Recitation

The Quality of the recitation matters, A soft and humble reading is the most loved form of the Quran recitation. 

There are many studies that tell,  you should read slowly and take small steps instead of taking it too fast and running through the chapters. Which will cause a lot of mistakes and destroy the true meaning of the Quran.


This practice will increase the speed of learning the Quran. You should recite one page in the morning and repeat it at the same time. Afterward, recite the same page at night after Isha. By following this step you will learn more and will have a strong grip on fluency.   

Daily Practice

You should make routine in your daily life, We should make recitation of the Quran our daily practice. Rather than wasting time on useless activities. By applying this in daily life activities you will improve your fluency. 

You can quickly improve your Quran reading abilities and knowledge by following the above-mentioned tips and strategies. Because the Quran is the universal guidance, proper fluency is essential. For Muslims, a complete code of conduct. As a result, make sure that you thoroughly review the Quran. While reciting the Quran, it also will save you from committing any sins.

Always Make Dua

Every time that you plan to achieve any goal, turn to Allah because He has all control of the universe and can guide all of us onto the track that we want. Tell Allah how much you want to increase and IN SHAA ALLAH, the answers will be given to you with many solutions.

Bottom line 

It is obvious that a person who lacks recitation abilities for the Holy Quran can simply learn to recite the Holy Quran using the suggestions provided above. If someone is interested, they can learn to recite in the finest method possible. 

However, these amazing and simple guidelines will not only teach you how to recite properly, but they will also motivate you to follow Islamic principles with your sweet voice. As a result, all should use these helpful hints to improve their recitation.

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