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Why Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy Licked Chris Martin’s Sweat

Annie Murphy is opening up about an encounter with Chris Martin that would have given her Schitt’s Creek character, Alexis, a reason to say “ew.”

The 34-year-old Emmy-winning actress visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday, June 16, where she played a game with host Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest Seth Meyers involving each star telling a story that was either truthful or fictitious. For Annie’s turn, she shared a true tale from 10 years ago when she and some friends had all-access passes to a Coldplay concert.

“I once licked Chris Martin’s sweat off my own hand,” Annie told the two others to begin the game. She went on to explain that this was before she was famous and that it happened while the singer was participating in a meet-and-greet with fans. 

While trying to assess the validity of the anecdote, Jimmy did his best to sum up the tale. He asked, “[You] grabbed him, and he pulled away, and then you had his sweat on your hand, and your immediate reaction was to lick it off?” This led the actress to proudly confirm that his description was correct. 

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