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Guide to Tourism and Travel in Dubai

Recognition of Dubai as a tourist destination is a recent phenomenon and has shocked the world. Most tourist destinations spend decades building infrastructure and reputations to attract people worldwide. Tourism in Dubai has exploded in a short period thanks to some of the most brilliant efforts of its government.

Initially, Dubai attracted many visitors during its annual Shopping Festival. However, it was more of a shopper than a tourist who came to see the sights and had a good time. This new reason for the trip to Dubai was given by the Sheikh of Dubai, who visited with admirable foresight that eventually Dubai’s oil resources would be depleted and it would need some other kind of trade to support its economy. Will be. Thus began plans to turn Dubai into a thriving holiday and holiday destination and a commercial hub. A large portion of the money earned from the old oil economy is now being diverted to alternative sources, all of which are focused on promoting tourism in Dubai.

Dubai is the place where Europe, Africa, and Asia meet. Many excellent facilities have been built in Dubai to facilitate trade fairs and exhibitions. The most popular of these is the Dubai World Trade Center. Due to its central location, Dubai’s travel schedule is convenient for international meetings as everyone can gather at one central location. Dubai already attracts thousands of business professionals every day.  Explore the city’s heart with Tour Dubai, a well-known tour company located in the Pyramid Center in Oud Metha. They offer a variety of activities, including desert safaris and historic river cruises.

The desert package includes outdoor tents, traditional carpets, and sofas to enjoy a meal while watching the dawn or sunset. While there, explore the dunes through sandboarding, camel rides, and quad biking activities. A water voyage includes a dhow or boat trip.—travel along with one of Dubai’s many quiet waterways, such as Dubai Creek or the Marina.

Arriving in Dubai:

Most nations may acquire a visa at the airport, although travelers should verify their visa requirements before coming. Both Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) feature many beneficial amenities and public transportation choices.

The Weather:

Dubai is located on the Arabian Peninsula and enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. The ‘winter’ months are October to May, with temperatures varying from 20–35 ° C (68–95 ° F). The summer season lasts from June to September, with high temperatures reaching the mid-40s (110 ° F) – and the city’s wide selection of indoor and outdoor amenities and activities guarantees that Dubai will be year-round. Is the destination.

Wireless Internet Facilities in Dubai:

We must all keep connected by navigating the city, reading restaurant reviews, and checking in with pals worldwide. Du’s telecom operator will give you a free prepaid SIM card on arriving at the airport. You may also look at Etisalat, Du, and Virgin Mobile’s competitive roaming and data packages. Safe public Wi-Fi is accessible at several popular tourist spots in the UAE. Sign up and start surfing.

Consulates and Embassies:

Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, is home to almost 100 foreign embassies, and Dubai is home to approximately 80 consulates. Typically, embassies and consulates are open from Sunday through Thursday (the UAE working week). They are closed on Fridays and all UAE and embassy-home country public holidays. Opening hours may vary, so please check official websites, schedule appointments if feasible, and arrive early with all necessary papers. If You Are interested then Visit Website

Emergency Numbers:

In the event of an emergency while on vacation in the UAE, dial:

Call the police at 911.

Ambulance: 998

911 for the Fire Department

Coastguard: 996

Visitors may also find the following numbers useful:

+971 800 4438 for visitor security concerns

+971 800 342 for the Dubai Health Authority

+971 600 545 555 for consumer problems

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