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First Full Trailer for French Action Film ‘How I Became a Super Hero’

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First Full Trailer for French Action Film ‘How I Became a Super Hero’

by Alex Billington
June 17, 2021
Source: YouTube

How I Became a Super Hero Trailer

“Is it true there’s a drug that gives you superpowers?” Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for an action thriller titled How I Became a Super Hero, marking the feature directorial debut of French filmmaker Douglas Attal. This originally premiered at last year’s Deauville Film Festival in the fall. And it’s set to arrive streaming on Netflix this July. Set in Paris in a world where superheroes are perfectly assimilated within society and want to be famous at all costs. A drug that gives super powers to mere mortals is spreading all over town. Moreau & Schaltzmann are investigating the case with the support of two ex-superheroes, Monte Carlo and Callista. They’ll do whatever it takes to dismantle the drug traffic ring. Starring Pio Marmaï, Vimala Pons, Benoît Poelvoorde, Leïla Bekhti, and Swann Arlaud. There are so many films trying to reinvent the superhero concept and make the stories more gritty and realistic, but they all still look the same. And the problems with superpowers in our world are always the same – things get out of hand quickly.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Douglas Attal’s How I Became a Super Hero, from YouTube:

How I Became a Super Hero Poster

How I Became a Super Hero Poster

Paris in 2021. Superheroes are perfectly integrated into society. A mysterious drug which bestows super abilities to those who have none spread out in the city. As the number of incidents rises, Lts. Moreau and Schaltzmann are sent out to investigate. Along with Monte Carlo and Callista, two vigilante old-timers, they will stop at nothing to contain the spread of the narcotic. But Moreau’s past resurfaces, and the case thickens… How I Became a Super Hero, also known as Comment je suis devenu super-héros in French, is directed by French actor / filmmaker Douglas Attal, making his feature directorial debut after a few short films previously. The screenplay is by Cédric Anger, Douglas Attal, Gérald Bronner, Melisa Godet, Charlotte Sanson; based on the novel by Gérald Bronner. This originally premiered at the Deauville Film Festival last fall. Netflix will debut Attal’s How I Became a Super Hero streaming on Netflix starting July 9th, 2021.

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