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Why Keeping Your Office Clean and Organized is Important

The value of a clean and organized office is severely underestimated, whereas actually, it contributes greatly to employee productivity. Sometimes, because we are too busy, we don’t pay attention to our office conditions. We don’t want to make time to clean it up, because we think it is a public space –other people are responsible to clean up.

But well, that’s wrong! Though your office probably hires a cleaner or a janitor, you too have to take responsibility to help clean out from time to time.

Start by making sure to always clean your desk out and keep your workplace organized. Remember that being organized should be a state of mind, not an afterthought. Do not litter your desk just because you think it is your own space. Clean the meeting room after your team uses it, also a good way to keep your office clean. Don’t wait for others to tidy it up, you can lend a helping hand and show good courtesy.

You should also pay attention to your office pantry, the common place where employees hang out to rest a bit from their busy day. You can keep the office kitchen clean by making sure to tidy it up after you use it. Do not leave your dirty dishes and clean them up immediately after usage. Your pantry is a public space, so it is everyone’s responsibility (including you) to make sure of its cleanliness.

You can find out what are some benefits that you can get from having a clean and organized office, below.

Clean Office is a Healthy You

Did you know that your office desk could be a nest for millions of bacteria? The bacteria nested on your desk could even be a lot more than the bacteria that we found on a toilet seat. This is because without realizing it, you and your colleagues who touch the desk have already been exposed to varied bacteria from outside. This is why it is very important to clean your desk daily. You can use antibacterial wipes to clean it up from dirty germs.

Pay attention to your office surroundings. If your office is dusty and unclean, it could also affect your health. You can be exposed to very serious health issues such as diarrhea, flu, and other respiratory problems.

Improved Productivity

Your workspace plays a big role in maintaining your work productivity. When you work in a clean and tidy office, your work effectiveness and efficiency will be better maintained. A tidy workspace will make it easier for you to work optimally and in a much shorter time. If your office is disorganized it will make it harder for you to find files or documents that you need. Thus why you have to make sure that you put all documents neatly. So once you need it, you can easily find it. Scattered and disorganized storage will create unnecessary stress for you!

Form a Good Working Relation

A clean and tidy office will also inspire the employee to form good working relationships with each other, resulting in the smooth communication flow between employees. On the contrary, an unorganized and unclean office could spark drama and conflict. For example, unorganized filing could result in a conflict when employees blame each other for a missing document.

Gives a Good Impression

Your office will be a reflection of how reliable the company is. If your workspace is not clean, people might assume that the staff who work there are the kind of people who lack discipline and are unreliable. This certainly will affect how your client sees the business. If the office is unorganized they might feel doubtful to work with your company. A clean and organized office will give a good impression.

On average employees spend 8 hours per day at the office. In fact, some employees spend more time at work than at their own house. Therefore, your workplace should also be an important place where you put much thought about. A study proves that a clean and tidy workplace will evoke positive feelings among employees, while a dirty and disorganized workplace will generate negative emotions. Therefore in order for you to work in a good mood, it is important to ensure that you keep your workplace clean!

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