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Five Incredible Recipes for a Memorable Easter Dinner Party

Easter is just around the corner and with that, a lot is going on. Many people are looking forward to seeing their friends and family while others are planning to host a dinner party. 

If you’re from the latter, you’ve come to the right place. In this article today, I’m going to share with you a few amazing recipes to make your Easter dinner party memorable and fun. Have a look: 

Slow-Cooked Lamb 

An Easter dinner party remains incomplete without some lamb, so it’s a must to have slow-cooked lamb on the menu this year. My recipe is pretty simple. It only requires five ingredients, a leg of lamb, parsley, red wine, thyme sprigs, and onions. 

Start by marinating the lamp and then bake it for a few minutes. Once it’s tender, you can move towards the seasoning. Chop the onions, add thyme to them, and stir fry them. When it turns golden brown, sit the lamb on top of it and add red wine. After that, cover it and bake it for 3-4 hours.

Three-Cheese Quiche 

Whether it’s a dinner party or a brunch, a quiche is essential. Three-cheese quiche is the easiest to prepare. Yes, it will only take 15-20 minutes. It requires shredded mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, salt and pepper, green onions, eggs, and a refrigerated pie crust. 

You can prepare the pie crust at home as well but that usually takes a lot of time, so I prefer using the refrigerated pie crust. Also, remember that the eggs should only be slightly beaten so that the quiche remains a bit firm. 

Weed Brownies 

What’s the point in having an Easter party if you’re not going to let loose and enjoy it? After all, there’s no harm in having a little fun once or twice a year. Weed brownies make an excellent after-party dessert on all such occasions. 

For this, you can follow your old classic brownie recipe. Just make sure to add cannabutter or weed edibles inside the mixture before baking it. You can buy weed edibles online these days, so collecting the ingredients won’t be an issue. 

Classic Tiramisu 

Here’s my favorite recipe, the classic tiramisu. It requires you to have two sets of ingredients, one for the cream and one for the assembling. For the cream, mascarpone, heavy cream, granulated sugar, and egg yolks are required. 

For the assembling, bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, rum, coffee, and ladyfinger biscuits are required. Once you have your cream prepared, take out an oval dish and start layering it with biscuits, cream, coffee mixture, and chocolate. After that, refrigerate it for a few hours. 

Whiskey Sour 

Lastly, you need to have a customized drink for your Easter dinner party. How about a whiskey sour? It’s very simple to make. There are four ingredients that you’d need, including maple syrup, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey, and orange peel for garnishing. 

Simply add the bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, and maple syrup to a cocktail shaker and shake them well. Make sure they’re all cold. After that, pour the mixture into stem glasses and add orange peel on top of it for garnishing. 

How simple? Oh, and please don’t forget to enjoy your Easter dinner party. Dress up, take lots of pictures, and have a blast!

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