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How To Remove Tea Stains from Clothes of Silk Fabric

Silk is one of the most delicate materials that can be used in clothing, therefore you need to be extra careful with it to maintain it in excellent shape. Despite the fact that you prevent harming them by washing them with specific soaps and treating them with care, you may need to apply a shock treatment on them. Grease, pen ink, and other liquids may be spilled on it as a result of an accident, among which one of the most rigid spills is tea. Although there are several extremely efficient techniques for removing stains from silk garments, it is essential to know how to do it correctly. Let’s understand better how to remove tea stains from clothes of silk fabric.

How do you hand-wash silk?

  • To begin, perform a test on the silk in an inconspicuous location: wet the area with a white cloth. Press the stain gently with a wet cloth to see if any colour comes out. If there is colour on the white towel, we recommend that you take it to a professional or dry cleaning instead of washing it by hand.
  • If the test was successful (and no colour remained on the towel), the stain should be treated as follows: first, soak it with cold water or diluted vinegar.
  • Then, in a bucket of warm water with a little mild soap, rinse the clothing for no more than five minutes.
  • After five minutes, drain the bucket and replace it with cold water and 14 cup white vinegar. The vinegar will aid in the removal of any surplus soap and alkalinity.
  • Add a few drops of Silk Delicates Liquid Soap to the bucket to soften your silk.
  • Replace the cold water in the bucket with new water, then rinse.
  • After rinsing the silk garment, take it out of the bucket and lay it flat on a towel.
  • Roll the silk in the towel and press gently to absorb the water from the silk.
  • Allow the silk item to dry on another clean towel.

How to remove tea stains from clothes of silk fabric with the use of vinegar?

In the case of stubborn stains, vinegar can be used as a treatment for silk clothes. In a jar, combine a little vinegar and cold water. Apply the mixture to the discoloration using a sponge, carefully working it in.

Then, soak the garment in a basin of warm water and silk soap for about 5 minutes before gently rubbing it and rinsing it with cold water.

If the stain has not fully gone, put the clothing in a basin of cold water with a cup of vinegar in it. Hand-stir for a few minutes, then rinse and pat dry. Using vinegar will also improve the smoothness and shine of your garments.

How to remove stains from silk cloth with the help of cornstarch?

Tea stains on silk textiles are extremely difficult to remove. Despite this, you should not lose heart since there are some extremely powerful cornstarch methods that may help you totally get rid of them.

Locate the stain and apply a thick coating of cornstarch over it, allowing it to operate overnight. You will be able to absorb all of the fat from the stain thanks to the strength of this sort of product.

After a few hours, remove the starch with a little brushing and check to see if the stain has faded. If it persists, massage it with a little amount of silk detergent, then rinse well with cold water and hang the clothing to dry.


Stains on clothing are unavoidable, but some are more difficult to clean than others, especially if they occur on particularly delicate fabrics such as silk. In these instances, it is important to utilize solutions that have a strong cleaning strength while still being soft on the clothing to prevent it from deteriorating.

First and first, before cleaning a stain from any silk clothing, examine its label as it will indicate its unique characteristics. Here are some items that can help you quickly and efficiently remove stains from silk garments.

How to Clean Silk: Get Rid of Deep Stains

Are your clothes soiled with lipstick? Have the remnants of food caused the discoloration on your garment? When removing makeup or lipstick, don’t wait too long to get rid of the stain. Take some cotton wool and some warm water, and gently rub it on the stain. If you leave it for an extended period of time, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the stain from the lipstick. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove makeup.

The silk can be tough to remove from greasy meals, but it is not impossible. Make a thick coating of cornstarch on the stain so that the starch can do its job and absorb all of the fat. Brush the clothing the next morning, and if you did not entirely remove the stain, apply a little liquid detergent and massage gently. Rinse and dry well to remove any traces of stains.

How to remove stains from silk clothes using iron?

Ironing is a good way to clean silk.

If you’re wondering whether silk garments can be ironed, the answer is yes. To remove creases from your clothing, place a fabric over the item in issue. Silk clothing should also be ironed with the inside facing out. If the garment has picked up a foul odour while drying, learn how to get rid of the odour of humidity in garments.

Many irons already offer the ability to iron silk fabric, but if you don’t want to take any chances, you may iron in the manner we’ve suggested and prevent harming your garments. If you have particularly large clothing, it is preferable to take it to a specialist.

What are the precautions for cleaning and maintaining silk?

If you want to avoid a terrible ending to your silk garment washing, you must exercise caution. Never wash embroidered clothing since they require the assistance of a specialist and a separate treatment. The dryer is not an option for the method of how to clean silk since the heat given to the laundry can damage or shrink the fabric of your garments.

Avoid getting perfume or deodorant on your silk garments; in the latter instance, wait for the deodorant to dry before putting on your silk clothes. Do not hang your clothing to dry since they are easily distorted. This sort of clothing should be dried on a towel or in a location where it may be stretched out. After washing, avoid exposing the garments to the sun; instead, keep them in the shade.

If you performed the colour test and it came off, you should take your garments to a professional to get the stains removed. If your garment is completely white, you can bleach it using hydrogen peroxide. When rinsing the clothing, add a tablespoon of this product. Read more

Can heat pressure help remove tea stains?

When it comes to answering your query about how to remove tea stains from clothes, using heat to silk items is not the best solution. Do not put soiled clothing in the dryer. If the stain hasn’t fully gone, don’t put the clothing in the dryer. The stain may get more securely embedded in your clothes as a result of the heat.

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