Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Refund Checks

Do colleges provide laptop computers and refund payments? True, many of the free iPads for students from online programs on our list are provided by the school.

Is Technology Free? What? As if obtaining a degree wasn’t enough of a prize, several colleges are motivating learning by providing iPads or free laptops to college students. Several of Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Refund Checks but this is not the case everywhere. Some of the online programs on the list provide students with a personal device for the duration of their enrollment, while others allow participants to keep the equipment even after the program is over.

What Universities Provide Complimentary Laptops?

Because these programs have their own offerings and distinctions, the same criteria do not apply. Some even allow students to select the technology that will be most beneficial to them. Some institutions provide free laptops that are Mac or PC-specific, while others let the student choose the brand. At this point, mobile learning has become woven into the fabric of many academic programs, so it stands to reason that a free iPad for college students would come with the territory. In fact, many programs now require students to use a school-issued computer or mobile device to access lectures, participate in class discussions, take quizzes, and complete assignments.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that such technologies are changing the way students learn and teachers instruct. It might be in your best interest to delve deeper into the links between mobile devices and learning by selecting a program that advances this research by providing students with their own personal device. Have a look at the online programs we identified that use this equipment within their curriculum. Choosing a program that provides a nice device may feel like winning the lottery. Being one of the online universities that provides free laptops, there is much to be said about being on the cutting edge of education and technological innovation.

Bethel University’s Featured Programs

Bethel University was founded in McLemoresville, Tennessee, in 1847. Bethel Seminary was their previous name. Despite the fact that they are no longer a seminary, they have kept their Christian base and ideals. They now have five campuses as well as considerable online programs, which is where technology comes in. The school’s laptop program provides a free Chromebook with a touch screen to every full-time student. This is similar to combining a laptop and an iPad. Each student’s Chromebook will be mailed straight to them, or they can pick it up at the New Student Orientation before courses begin. All Chromebooks will be pre-loaded with Moodle and Google Drive, making it simple for students to participate in schoolwork using their devices. Furthermore, the Microsoft Office 360 Suite will be installed on all of the devices. A qualified IT team is on staff and ready to assist with system navigation or problem-solving.

Chatham University

Chatham University has been established since 1869 and has always learned to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its curriculum. As part of their enrollment charges, each student pays a $1,335 fee. The laptop initiative yields several benefits, including a personal MacBook Air for each student and a four-year AppleCare warranty. During their initial student orientation, participants will receive their new computer. Each learner will also receive four years of accidental damage protection from SafeWare, as well as theft protection. Students can take their computers to the on-site help desk for service or queries. A Chatham logoed backpack in which the laptops can be securely transported is an additional exciting gift that comes with each computer. Because every student has the same technology, they are streamlined and included into the coursework of most classes, and if classes must be canceled, these personal computers make it simple to transfer class sessions to an online format.


CollegeAmerica offers five physical facilities in Colorado and Arizona, as well as extensive online programming. Students can earn associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees online, on campus, or a combination of the two. Their degree programs are career-focused and open to a vast number of students. In addition to lab materials, textbooks, and e-books, each student receives a laptop computer pre-loaded with all of the software required for their course load. Extensive technical support is provided to help students not just manage issues with software and hardware but also use their computers to their full potential. Students in the laptop program are allowed to keep their computers after they graduate. Online students will use their laptops as a conduit to all of their schoolwork, including virtual lectures, classroom discussions, class assignments, quizzes, and even assignment submission.

Dakota State University

Dakota State University is located in South Dakota and provides a wide range of completely online education. They believe in equitable access to study and technology as an institution, so each incoming student is given a free laptop for college. The computer they are provided is a Fujitsu T Series PC that is pre-configured with all of the necessary licensed software they need to be successful at DSU. Each computer will have universal access to wired networks as well as secure wireless connectivity that may be utilized anywhere on campus. One of the purposes of providing each student with a laptop is to promote a greener, primarily paperless academic environment. This technology is used by all faculty members in the planning and delivery of curriculum. The laptop program allows students to take digital handwritten notes that are instantly added to the professor’s digital presentations, record audio in class, submit and receive class assignments, collaborate with students via a secure server, and many other features.

Delaware State University

In 2018, Delaware State University struck a relationship with Apple Computer, which resulted in the provision of an iPad Pro to students and academic members. This is part of a digital learning program in which DSU hopes to digitize all classroom activities by the end of the year. They regard the distribution of this type of technology as an equity issue. In other words, a student’s capacity to succeed in today’s tech-driven society might be hampered by a lack of access to technology as a result of economic position. DSU’s laptop program seeks to ensure that all students have equitable access to resources in order to achieve success. In addition to iPad Pros, students in the Department of Mass Communications will receive MacBook Pros capable of running advanced editing and image software. IT support workers set up and distributed approximately 150 MacBooks and 1,000 iPad Pros during the first few weeks of sessions.

Global Health Institute at Duke University

Duke University Global Health Institute is a public health education pioneer. They prepare their college students to synthesize research and education in order to act on the frontlines of addressing global health inequities. The administration of a free iPad for students to utilize as a field research instrument is one of the benefits of participating in this program. The idea is to provide college students with everything they need to make the most of their fieldwork experiences and to allow them to genuinely focus on the people with whom they are working rather than fumbling to take handwritten notes or access an online resource. In 2010, they began giving iPads for this purpose, and it has now become part of a bigger drive to embrace technology as an intrinsic element of Duke’s campus-wide program, and, of course, beyond. The Duke Medical Center Library has also been experimenting with technology, and they hope to innovate even more in the coming years as they expand their digital reach.

Full Sail University is ranked seventh.

Full Sail University is headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, however many of their courses and programs are available totally online. They have a unique collaboration with Apple Computer called Project Launchbox, which was created to ensure college students have the skills and technology they need to produce standout portfolios. In fact, this means that each student receives a MacBook Pro pre-loaded with the software required for their specific curriculum. Because each Launchbox is unique to the program, the hardware and software differ slightly. For example, the Digital Cinematography LaunchBox includes the tools needed to create award-winning films. In reality, the technology provided by LaunchBox is not free, as each student must pay a specific tech cost that is tailored to each program. Each package’s price varies and may alter from semester to semester.

University of Independence

Independence University is a completely online higher education school. They have a motto that says, “We provide you the tools for success,” and they do. Each student receives not just a free iPad, but also a free laptop computer for college study. Both of these costly resources are given to the student to keep when they complete their degree. Each student receives the tablet/iPad during their first-course module, which occurs within the first four weeks of study. The laptop will be delivered at the beginning of the fourth module. The laptop will be pre-loaded with all of the software required by college students to succeed in their respective programs. In addition to this technology, all essential textbooks, as well as any other equipment or materials, will be provided. Together with the technology comes excellent online technical help, ensuring that college students are never caught off guard with their equipment.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University was awarded the Sycamore Technology Award, which is focused exclusively toward their Pell Grant Qualified population. As a recipient of this honor, they are allowed to provide free laptop computers to qualified college students. Students must be enrolled full-time at Indiana State University in regular programs. When it comes to obtaining this honor, every incoming freshman will be considered. In other words, as long as students are registered before July 15, they do not need to submit any more applications or documentation. If a student is eligible for the Sycamore Technology Award, it does not imply that they are also eligible for other types of financial help. Students who have any queries concerning the laptop program may contact the scholarship office. If a student drops out of their program, they must return the laptop within 30 days after their last day.

Johnson C. Smith University

Johnson C. Smith University is a historically black Christian university in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a long history of inclusive practices, including the conviction that all students, especially in this more tech-driven society, should have access to technology. On campus, this manifests itself in a variety of ways. Many students qualify for a free iPad to use while attending Johnson C. Smith. Each iPad comes pre-loaded with software that is relevant to the required coursework and will play an important role in the technology-driven curricula. At the start of the academic year, students enrolled in their Metropolitan College will receive a free laptop. Every laptop includes software that promotes learning and productivity. They are all outfitted with a wireless and wired campus network, ensuring that internet access is never an issue.

Moravian College is number eleven.

Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is at the forefront of technological innovation, and they want all of its undergraduate students to be as well. As a consequence of their aim to make technology accessible to all students, they were recognized an Apple Distinguished School in 2018. Each new student at Moravian receives an iPad and a MacBook Pro as soon as they submit their acceptance deposit. This is to be used not just while they are students at Moravian, but also after they graduate. Absolutely, they can keep the gadget for future educational or professional interests. Its aim includes viewing technology as a supplement to academic performance rather than a distraction in the classroom. Moravian’s purpose in providing such gear to every student is to level the playing field and ensure that no learner has fewer opportunities than another because they lack the same resources.

Northwest Missouri State University

Maryville, Missouri is the home of Northwest Missouri State University. They believe in making education as accessible as possible by removing some of the barriers that impede undergraduate students with limited financial means. As part of this commitment, each undergraduate and graduate student receives a free laptop to use during their time at Northwest. To qualify, undergraduates must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours and graduate students must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours. In keeping with the concept of accessibility, their pupils have the option of renting fundamental textbooks to save money on prices. They receive HP EliteBook 840 G1 Notebooks, often known as Ultrabooks, as complimentary laptops. They come pre-installed with modern software, including the Microsoft Office Suite. Northwest Missouri has an IT department that is available to help students service their free laptop computers and answer any questions they may have about the equipment.

As you can see from this extensive list, there are many Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Refund Checks that provide free technology to participants. There are various possibilities, whether it’s a computer or an iPad for pupils to thrive in a certain program, or a loaner to utilize during the student’s time at college or university. It is obvious these days that you cannot advance in your job unless you are up to speed on technology, and financial access should not be a barrier. Several of these institutions are taking this issue seriously and ensuring that all of their students are treated fairly. There is something to be said for having the same tools for everyone in order to lay the groundwork for equal access to learning.

Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Refund Checks: Do Universities Provide Laptops?

Do colleges provide laptop computers? True, many of the free iPads for students from online programs on our list are provided by the school. Yet, it is critical to thoroughly examine all of the prices you will be spending to attend college. Enrollment can sometimes come with unexpected charges. These may be disguised as a technology fee or an orientation cost, but this is where you may be paying for the “free” laptop. In other circumstances, ensuring you have all you need to fully engage in the programs is a true gift.

In many cases, the computers or iPads supplied to students through these free laptop colleges are optimized with uploaded software and applications that enhance the delivery of instruction. In many cases, the device will be integrated into the class delivery. This is used in a variety of ways. Students may use their devices to access supplemental lectures, engage with peers, take classroom notes, contribute to presentations, take quizzes, and submit work in some situations. Everything relating to the coursework will be completed on the device in the case of totally online classes. In fact, with online learning, technology essentially replaces a classroom. It is both a window into creative pedagogy and a communication tool.

Schools That Provide Free Laptops Online

Several Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Refund Checks that provide free computers exclusively provide equipment or technology to a specific program, rather than to all entering students. Many of these online programs are highly specialized and competitive. Some schools only provide computers to pupils who require financial assistance to attend. This is when there is a demonstrated effort to close the gap and ensure that all kids have equal access to resources.

Some online programs require students to have a specific tool in order for their work to be easier or even doable. The Duke University Global Health Institute, for example, takes students all around the world to deal with challenging global health challenges. With a synthesis of their skills and resources at their fingertips, the iPads that each participant brings with them in the field help them to focus on their purpose for being there. Several online institutions provide free laptops to all students.

In any event, free laptops provided by online schools make technology available for learning. Many schools who are not on our list are committed to delivering discounted computer prices and possibly some freebies. Some online universities that provide free iPads want to ensure that their students can complete the assignment.


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