How to prepare for your board exams

Almost through school life, we hear about taking boards. It is that dreadful time of a student’s life when they have to take the “difficult” exams that can make or break our future as per everyone. Board exams are scary for sure but not because of these reasons.

It is scary because till this point people have only talked about how vast the syllabus is and how difficult it gets to cover all of it, to learn and then to revise multiple times. But, what students know is that worrying is the last thing you should be doing.

You need to have a plan to prepare for your exams smartly so that you do not take any stress and are able to complete your syllabus in a calm and composed state of mind. 

There are several things that you should do to prepare for your board exams and they are:

Planning With Lio

First things first, you need to make a plan. Download the Lio app and make a good timetable for yourself. The app offers multiple templates for students with the help of which you can segregate your subjects and entire syllabus based on priority.

As and when you are done with each subject, keep checking it off the list. With Lio, you can track your progress, ask friends for notes or share with them through it and keep yourself focussed and clear on what all needs your attention.

Find A Place To Study

What is of utmost importance is that you find yourself a nice spot to study. A cosy corner that is silent and far away from all the chaos in the house is something that you should look for. A place where you would not be disturbed by someone walking around or the constant noise of the TV or people chattering or anything else.

This study corner should definitely be far away from all the disturbance. Set the corner well so that it looks inviting and has all the things that you would need during your study hours like books, pen, notepad, water bottle and maybe a snack or two.

Divide Your Syllabus

The most common mistake that students make while preparing for board exams is not knowing where to start. Dividing your syllabus should be one of the most important steps that you must follow.

Divide the syllabus into what is important and what is less important, which subject needs most of your attention and which does not, what can be covered quickly and what would take some time. All of these factors can easily help you divide your syllabus and based on this you can prioritize your studies.

Eat healthily

Board exams demand a lot of attention and seriousness. You need to be dedicated and 100 per cent to your studies. For all this, what is most important is that you eat healthily. You must not skip meals at all no matter what.

Having something from time to time would not let you feel fatigued and keep your mind going. Do not eat much from outside or unhealthy foods. Take home-cooked and hearty meals that are good for your body. Take snacks from time to time like nuts and fruits and you would sail through your preparation without feeling tired.

Take Breaks, Avoid Burnouts

As much as having dedicated time to study is important, what is also important is that you take timely breaks. It is a universal fact that your brain can only take in things for 40-45 mins at a stretch. You need to take a 10-15 minutes break in between.

Sitting hours without any breaks would not help you at all and would give you a block. You need to manage your time effectively or you might keep sitting on that study table but you would learn almost nothing. Your mind and body do need that break to function properly.

Get Enough Sleep

GET ENOUGH SLEEP. There is nothing more important than this step. If you keep yourself sleep-deprived and continue to stay awake doing whether sitting in front of a book or doing anything else, your body will eventually give out on you.

It can give serious health issues which is the last thing you would want at this crucial time of your life. Hence take that break and enjoy your sleep. With all that hard work you are putting in, you do deserve that sleep. 

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