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How To Deal With A Blocked Drain At Home?

Nothing is more embarrassing than a blocked drain causing an overflow of water and damaging the property and flooring of your home. Before you know how to deal with blocked drains and begin unblocking, it is necessary to know the causes of a blocked drain.

Causes of blocked drain:

The drain of your home may become blocked due to several different reasons. Read the points below to find out more.

  • Fat blocking the drains

The big fat particles can block the drains, but it may not necessarily make to the sewer but adhere to the edges of the home drains until it causes a blockage. You must scrape the fat from the greasy tins of frying pans before putting them in the sink for washing. The key is to prevent the fat from passing through the drain and clogging it badly.

  • Hair 

One of the commonest of blocked drains is the accumulation of hair that binds with stocky substances like grease to cause the blockage. You need to install guards on the drains to prevent the hair from passing through and clean them regularly.

  • Soap blockage

Soap is another element causing a blockage in the drain. Typically, it combines with the minerals present in water and leaves behind soap scum, a hard residue blocking the pipes and the bath fittings.

  • Food residues

Not many people remove the food waste before putting those utensils in the sink. However, if you never remove the residues of food particles from the pates and allow them to pass through the drain, they may eventually cause the drain to block. Usually, the remnants of food that move through the drain absorb water and grow in size to cause the damage to worsen.

  • Toilet paper

When flushing those toilet papers down the drain, do you even measure the amount of paper that passes through almost every day? With too much paper going down the loo, you need not feel surprised when Riolering verstopt troubles you all the time. If your drain is already overflowing, you need to call a specialist to assess the situation.

  • Buildup of minerals

Hard water contains several minerals and may form big and insoluble masses that may block the drains. You may install a water softener to eliminate the hard water problem in your area. However, if you are not keen to install a softener, you need to regularly remove the sediment and buildup. Remember that the buildup of clogs is difficult to remove if you fail to de-scale it regularly.

  • Removing small objects

The small objects making their way down the drain can spell disaster with blocked drains. None other than toilet paper, water, or human waste should pass through the drain. So, if any other small object moves through the drain, it is necessary to call a blocked drain specialist to deal with the issues.

  • Coffee grains 

Although fine coffee particles dissolve completely in hot water, the coffee granules do not. So, when you wash the coffee pot, the granules may build up in the drain, causing a particle block. If you prepare ground coffee at home regularly, be sure to clean the drain to prevent blockage.

Signs of blocked drain:

You need to take immediate action and call professional service to get rid of an overflowing home. Some of the signs of blocked drains are:

  • Foul smells may occur when the drain becomes completely blocked.
  • A gurgling sound coming from the pipes indicate blocks in drains.
  • When water does not drain fully and takes longer than usual in the shower, toilet, sink, or bath, you may experience unending issues due to blocked drains.

Hiring professional drain cleaners:

Clogged drains at home are a thing you need to avoid. Moreover, it may cause a major concern when the water enters your rooms and cause extensive damage to the property. The best option is hiring a professional drain cleaning company.

  • Checking the license of the service provider allows you to look into their services and their expertise.
  • Talk to the company to find out about their service offers and whether they will clean the sewage backup after unclogging the drains.
  • They must carry the tools and equipment to do the unclogging work on your premises.

A blocked drain is a nuisance for every home. However, you need to identify the signs of clogs and call a specialist for unclogging the drain.



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