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Five Luxury Additions to Make Your Old House Look New and Luxe

Are you sick and tired of those dull walls in your new house? Do you wish to buy a new house and that’s not affordable at the moment? Well, you don’t need a new house in order to have a luxurious living. 

Yes, you can make changes to your old house and make it look new and luxe. In this article today, I’m going to share with you a few luxurious additions to make to your old house: 

Redo the Floor 

First and foremost, you should start by redoing the floors. A new floor will instantly change the entire look of your house. What kind of a floor do you have at the moment? Is it with the tiles? If yes, you can switch to wood flooring. 

In case you already have wood flooring at home, you can switch the color of the wood, go a bit darker or get a lighter shade. Just make sure to keep the theme of your house in check when choosing the color of the wood. 

Make Changes to the Foyer 

If you have a foyer, you simply need to make some changes to it. In case you don’t, you need to get one made. A foyer can definitely make your space appear luxurious unlike anything else. 

Get a table made using graphite for your foyer. Plus, be sure to place a beautiful crystal vase on top of the graphite table. Such an arrangement will make your house look extravagant immediately. Trust me; whoever steps a foot inside your foyer would love it.

Change the Lighting 

The lighting of a house matters a lot when it comes to decor. I’ve seen many places beautifully decorated but still not looking as beautiful as they should. Do you know why is that? It happens because of the poor lighting. 

That’s right, guys. You need to have adequate lighting in your house to make it look good. Thus, you must pay careful attention to the lighting of your house. Get a chandelier or two for your living room and foyer. Besides that, you should also get a power backup. For that, you can check out Sage Generators and purchase a mini generator for your house. 

Build a Kitchen Garden 

Ranking fourth is a kitchen garden. Speaking of a luxurious house, a kitchen garden is something not many people have. So, apart from adding to the extravagance of your house, it will also distinguish you from others. 

I suggest you get one made in the middle of the kitchen and living room so that you can have a view all day long. To add oomph to it, make sure it has glass walls. Not only will it protect your house from bugs, but it will also make the view of the kitchen garden more accessible. 


Last but not least, please don’t forget about the artwork. One thing that can make your house look expensive instantly is the artwork. Get a few paintings and mini sculptures for your house and let them do the talking. 

Although paintings are usually pretty expensive, you don’t necessarily need to purchase the original pieces. Yes, you can get replicas of famous painters and hang them around. It’s a nice, affordable way to add extravagance to your old house. 

Pretty smart, eh? Make the changes mentioned above and see the difference for yourself. I wish you good luck, guys!

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