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Outdoor TV Enclosure: All You Need To Know to Build a Durable One

Do you want to improve your home and garden and make it better for you and your family? If so, an outdoor TV enclosure is the way to go. From protecting your TV from the weather at all times to enabling you to enjoy an entirely new level of entertainment, this project has many benefits. The best part is that it doesn’t require much work or money, and can be done in a weekend.

What is an outdoor TV enclosure?

Imagine your dream entertainment set-up, but in a natural, outdoor setting. If you have an outdoor TV, then you’re a few steps closer to realizing your dream. However, what if you don’t have a place to install a television set? We get it! The location of your home is not in the best of neighborhoods and there are lots of activities going on outside. Thankfully, there’s a solution to your dilemma and that is to have an outdoor TV enclosure. While there are lots of outdoor TV enclosures available on the market, you can also build your own. Does it require much time and effort? Well, since this DIY project is not easy, you might have to put in some efforts to get the job done.

Outdoor TV enclosure benefits

Improve the home landscape You can make your home a better place to live by adding a TV and some comfy seating in the backyard. Adding some flowers or greenery can make your yard a much nicer place to sit. Your family and friends will enjoy a great spot to enjoy movies or a reality show. A corner where kids can have fun playing while you’re watching your favorite shows will be a great spot. Ensure a constant temperature When it’s cold outside, you need to keep your TV and electronics away from the elements. You can do this by choosing a retractable model. These are basically lightweight, and they are suitable for outdoor use. Lower electric bills You will not have to pay as much electricity as you do for your regular unit.

Build your own outdoor TV enclosure

If you want to create a outdoor tv enclosure Australia  TV enclosure for your home, there are many options available. Building an enclosure does not require any complex skill, and you can begin with an off-the-shelf system. For example, you can buy a small shelf for your TV and enclose it in a window frame or a large shutter. A simple aluminum frame, with an open space at the bottom, would be good. Alternatively, you can use pre-made parts. The frame is extremely rigid and sturdy, but the substrate needs to be able to withstand the weather conditions. A piece of plywood would be enough. Alternatively, you can even make it out of bamboo. Don’t feel that you have to do something fancy; just take a quick look online and you will be able to find a DIY solution for your particular space.

Outdoor TV enclosure cost

Outdoor enclosure cost varies depending on your exact location and your current set-up. It costs up to $350, so be prepared to put a lot of effort into sourcing all of the materials. If you decide to get rid of your TV completely and have to use your current set-up, then it would cost around $100 to $150 more than getting rid of the TV and using a free-standing unit. Tips to build your outdoor TV enclosure The first and most important tip to consider is to avoid carpet and add insulating material to the concrete base. This will ensure that your TV cabinet has a sturdy foundation. Ensure the dimensions of your TV cabinet are measured before you start. Your home improvement professional will be able to help you.


When a TV goes out for a weekend, you don’t have to worry about where to go or whether or not your favorite shows will be available to you. With an outdoor enclosure, you won’t have to think about this at all. There are a wide range of features on the market, including lightweight waterproof enclosures, safe enclosures, solar-powered enclosures, and easy-to-install enclosures. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Hopefully, the above options will help you find the right enclosure for your needs.


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