Does Lab Grown Diamonds Possess The Same Qualities Like Real Diamonds?

When it comes to diamonds, buyers get excited and desire to know about them. Hands down, it is a classy choice that is worth every penny and the craze is just crazy in the market. With the change of time, the choices of people have shifted towards something unique yet fascinating. People are buying real diamonds, gold, sapphire, etc. Indeed, these superb choices with fancy touches but elegant choices have been added to the list which is lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds Adelaide are made by humans with all hard experiments and efforts. Human made diamonds have immensely shocked the world as the qualities it had it’s just exceptional and unimaginable. Experts have claimed that lab made diamonds have the same qualities and look like real mined diamonds. In real terms, there are some similarities and differences between both these diamond types and buyers should have a good idea about this.

Based on the critics, lab grown diamonds do possess the same qualities as real diamonds and some of the similarities are: 

  • Often it is said that lab grown diamonds are the same as real mined diamonds because no buyer can identify them with their look and brilliance. Both diamonds come with the same chemical, physical, and optical properties. The look of both diamonds is so graceful that it easily catches the eyes of the buyers and makes them think about which can be the real diamonds.
  • To buyers, diamonds are mostly known for their hardness level and sturdiness. Be it lab diamonds or mined diamonds, these are durable to be used for long years under rough use buyers can know how hard and damaged free it is. Man made diamonds are designed so well that they can be used in any jewels and it is an ideal option for diamonds that can last for a long time without any scratch or scar.
  • Customers do have a wide range of opinions in the market so they can be easily diverted to the beauty of real diamonds that are mined from the earth. The thing they do not know is that made diamonds are no less than any best option as they have fine colour quality and solidness like real diamonds.

However, in some cases, real diamonds have little difference from lab grown diamonds, for example:

  • The price ranges of real diamonds are far more than lab grown diamonds and it is because of the originality factor. The origin of real diamonds is related to mining from earth whereas man made diamonds are made in labs under expert observations.

Yet, any buyer’s eyes can get fooled by the similar qualities of these diamonds. To some extent, it can be pointed out that diamonds made by humans and natural diamonds have the same qualities but they have some key differences that cannot be overlooked.

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