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Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan Law – In this edition, we’ve outlined all the details you need to know to help you decide how to proceed with your personal injury case legally.

Who is San Francisco’s Dolan Law Personal Injury Attorney?

The legal practice of Chris Dolan, a well-known personal injury lawyer with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland, California, is commonly referred to as “Dolan law” or “Dolan law firm.”

When managing personal injury matters, the Dolan Law office has a demonstrated track record of success. The 15 attorneys of the Dolan Law Firm are in charge of some of the most significant and challenging cases filed in California state and federal court on behalf of injured parties and workers.

The law company has a “history of winning multi-million dollar verdicts,” according to the San Francisco Business Times, and they have won hundreds of millions of dollars for clients through settlements and jury verdicts.

They have an amazing track record of success, including the $61 million record-breaking decision for people who had been subjected to racial and ethnic harassment and discrimination in violation of their civil rights.

Due to the successes they have gotten in court for their clients, U.S. They have received accolades for their quality from Martindale Hubbell, News, Best Lawyers, and Super Lawyers.

On their website,, you may get in touch with the legal practise. Additionally, you may go to their office locations in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in California.

What practise areas does Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan law focus on?

Personal Injury Attorney San Fransisco Dolan law firm in region that provides clients with access to a team of knowledgeable attorneys to fight for justice in cases including auto accidents, medical malpractice, faulty goods, and premises liability.

The majority of cases the company accepts are handled on a contingency basis, which means the client pays no upfront costs and the attorneys are only paid as a percentage of the settlement or judgement if they are successful in recovering money for their client.

Throughout the legal process, Dolan Law takes pleasure in providing clients with individualised attention and accessibility. The business has a lengthy track record of success, having won millions of dollars in settlements and judgements for its clients.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident in the San Francisco area, you need the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney to get the compensation you are entitled to. A well-known legal business, Dolan Legal, provides customers with a team of seasoned lawyers that are continually prepared to fight for their clients.

How San Francisco personal injury lawyer Dolan law may help you with your injuries.

The following are what you may anticipate from a personal injury attorney like Dolan Law:


Assistance in gathering and organizing evidence to support your claims, such as eyewitness accounts and medical records. Complete an analysis of your situation to determine who is accountable for your injuries. Expert guidance on negotiating with insurance companies and navigating the legal system.


If required, negotiate a just settlement with the negligent party’s insurance company. If not, court counsel to obtain the maximum compensation for your losses and injuries.

Court representation-

The majority of personal injury cases go to trial. The courtroom may be too technical for you unless you are a lawyer. It will be safer for you if you engage a lawyer to act as your advocate. The Dolan law office will undoubtedly help you and provide the superior legal representation you require.

Identifying flaw

Whether you can prove fault—that is, that your harm was brought on by someone else’s negligence—determines whether your case will be successful or unsuccessful. In this case, negligence includes the following elements:

The existence of a legal duty of care, the at-fault party’s violation of that duty of care, and the harm you experienced as a result of that violation.

Once the aforementioned criteria have been met, you have proven culpability in the strictest sense and are thus entitled to compensation for the harm you have experienced. You can prove the aforementioned aspects of carelessness with the aid of a lawyer.

Collecting evidence

Evidence is needed in personal injury claims to establish liability. The proof you may require consists of photographs of the accident scene, any injuries you may have sustained, any lost or damaged property, medical bills, and documentation of any economic losses you may have sustained. You can put this together with the assistance of a lawyer while the matter is being investigated.


When selecting an attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you should look for someone who not only has a strong grasp of the law but also a proven track record of success. Both areas see considerable competition from Dolan Law.

In and around the San Francisco region, our attorneys have spent the greater part of three decades practising personal injury litigation. Our clients have profited from millions of dollars in damages that we have successfully collected for them, and we have earned a reputation as tenacious defenders of their rights.

Customers receive the thoughtful assistance and particular attention they deserve, and we are always accessible to answer any queries they may have.

Along with our extensive legal expertise, we take great pleasure in our dedication to each of our clients. We are conscious that suffering a personal injury may be a distressing and anxious event, therefore we work to make the legal procedure as easy and uncomplicated as is humanly feasible.

What Kinds of Car Accidents Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Francisco Help With?

There is no exhaustive list of the many auto accidents that necessitate legal advice from a personal injury attorney. In conclusion, if injuries arise from a car collision, it is important to consult a lawyer.

There are several ways for this to occur, but the three most common ones are when a car directly impacts a bicycle, another car, or a person.

Every day, automobiles, trucks, and buses collide on California’s streets and highways. Motor vehicle accidents are all too frequently the result of carelessness or negligence on the part of one person or party.

  • accidents involving cars or motorcycles
  • Unlawful left u-turns before turning another vehicle
  • imperfect intersections
  • Refusing to give in Rage on the road
  • bicycle accidents
  • Before a bicycle, cycling left dooring makes a turn.
  • imperfect intersections
  • refuse to cooperate
  • Crosswalk collisions
  • Left Crosswalk changes to a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • imperfect intersection.


Frequently asked questions regarding Dolan law’s personal injury practice.

Q: How can I know whether I have a personal injury claim?


You may be eligible to file a personal injury claim if you were hurt because of someone else’s carelessness or misconduct. Automobile collisions, slip-and-fall accidents, and improper medical treatment are a few frequent instances of neglect.It is essential to discuss the merits of your case with a qualified personal injury attorney, like those at Dolan Law, in order to determine the range of legal alternatives that are open to you.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

You won’t be required to pay any upfront costs because at Dolan Law, we handle the great majority of personal injury cases on a contingency basis. The majority of personal injury lawyers only get paid when they successfully get compensation on your behalf.

In this situation, they represent you in negotiations or litigation and receive a portion of the settlement or judgment as payment for their services. Some solicitors charge up to 30% of the money that is won.

Again, the majority of solicitors, including Dolan Law Office, also provide free legal consultations, so you do not have to be concerned about spending further money on top of the pain you are already experiencing.

Q: How long do personal injury lawsuits take to resolve?


The length of time it takes to resolve a personal injury claim might significantly vary depending on the particulars of the case. Sometimes a dispute can be swiftly settled through settlement talks, but other times a protracted procedure, like going to trial, may be necessary.

To ensure that its clients obtain the maximum amount of compensation to which they are legally entitled, the Dolan law office will go above and beyond to resolve matters as swiftly as possible.

Q: Will my personal injury case require that I appear in court?

It is frequently feasible to reach an out-of-court settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company in cases involving personal injury. On the other side, a court trial will probably be required if a settlement cannot be achieved.

If a lawyer is representing you, you won’t need to be there at all. However, it will be required in the hearing stage when you must provide testimony.

Q: What if the police report found that I was at fault?

It’s critical to know that the investigation is ongoing even if one individual is named as responsible in the traffic collision report. Occasionally, the police make mistakes in their investigation, trust the wrong witness, or gather false information.

It is not the end of the case, and the results of the police report are seldom if ever, allowed to be used as evidence in court. However, a negative police report that lays the responsibility on an innocent motorist may alter the insurance company’s original evaluation of the scenario.

If you were harmed in an accident and believe the other driver was to blame even if the police ruled you were at fault, it would be useful to have a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case. It is essential to conduct an objective analysis of the conclusions made on what happened or who is the trustworthy party.

What Losses Can Be Recovered in Cases of Personal Injury?

According to California law, anyone who have suffered injuries in accidents or crashes that were the fault of another person, a government body, or a company may be entitled to compensation. There are a few main types of damages that can be collected in a personal injury case.


Special damages include monetary losses, sometimes known as out-of-pocket expenses. These are often quite simple to calculate. These are what they include:

Previous medical expenses, which would include co-pays and the sum of any insurance premiums paid.

Potential medical costs would include any anticipated surgery or other costs associated with the collision.If the accident necessitates time away from work, the amount of lost wages from the past should be considered when filing a claim.

Future Lost Income: A catastrophic injury may occasionally make it more difficult for a person to earn money in the future.

Property damage covers any objects harmed as a result of the collision, including phones, eyeglasses, helmets, gloves, and necessary repairs for bikes or cars.


Pain and Suffering: This encompasses any discomfort resulting from the incident, from any required medical procedures, and from any suffering that remains as a result of the healing process.

The term “emotional distress” can be used to describe both pain and suffering as well as the more emotional side effects of injury. The legislation allows for compensation for the emotional suffering brought on by having to rely on others for help with fundamental responsibilities or by being temporarily unable to work.

Damages Caused by Crime

When someone is murdered due to another’s negligence, some members of the immediate family are entitled to compensation. There is a method to make up for whatever emotional losses the deceased made, but there is no way to make up for sadness or grief.

In addition, the lack of society, companionship, education, and the like from one’s life after the passing of a close relative.

Demanding payment for the decedent’s suffering prior to death is now also legal. If death was not immediate, the successor to the decedent’s right of action may seek compensation for any general losses incurred as a result of the occurrence.


Punitive damages are often not recoverable in auto accidents. Instead of making the injured person whole, these damages are intended to punish and deter the perpetrator as an individual and to discourage individuals generally from participating in similar behavior.

In a vehicle accident or other such situation, they can only be recovered if the behavior was willful or purposeful. Probably not someone who ran a red light, failed to look to the left or fleetingly looked down at their phone. However, it may also involve someone who was racing a car or drinking and driving.

Notably, any demand for punitive damages can make it challenging to get money from insurance. Insurance does not cover purposeful acts, and a quasi-intentional act is required to be eligible for punitive damages.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer to file a claim for pain and suffering or mental distress?

Although a personal injury lawyer is not required to submit a claim for mental anguish or pain and suffering, insurance companies routinely lower awards for these damages unless the plaintiff has a solid case and is aided by a lawyer.

You can seek help from a lawyer in understanding the financial and emotional expenses of the medical care you will need to get. There will be pain from the physical damage received.

When our identity is transformed in this way, it has an emotional cost. One could regularly need to miss work or have help with daily tasks. Our self-esteem diminishes when we aren’t the people we were before an accident.

You may ensure that the insurance company is aware of your whole story, that all of your potential claims are made, and that you have legal representation to fight for the compensation you are entitled to by engaging a personal injury attorney. The Dolan Law Firm offers free consultations.


The Dolan Law company has the expertise and resources required to fight for justice on behalf of anyone injured in bicycle, motorbike, car and pedestrian accidents.

One of California’s top personal injury law firms, the Dolan Law Firm, has successfully defended thousands of injured people as well as the families of loved ones killed in car, bike, motorcycle, truck, and other vehicle accidents as well as pedestrians hit by cars since the firm’s founding in 1995.

We have firsthand knowledge of the destruction that a significant vehicle accident may bring about in terms of the body, mind, and wallet. We pledge to treat you with decency and respect. Throughout the entire legal procedure, we will be at your side.

We understand that most people find litigation to be intimidating and unfamiliar and that your focus is best spent on healing. Each client will be given a comprehensive explanation of the legislation, outlining both its benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also let you know what to expect at each step of the process.

Because we routinely have excellent outcomes in settlement negotiations and in court, customers frequently pick our law firm and, when the litigation is complete, refer us to their relatives and friends if they have been in a vehicle accident.

We are known for successfully resolving challenging and complicated situations in court. As a result, we typically recover more money than the industry as a whole. For instance, we provide our clients with:

Accident and crash attorneys with a track record of success offer specialised, sensitive legal advice; significant resources for research, financing, and technology that are inaccessible to a single attorney or small law company;

access to accident reconstruction specialists who can ascertain what led to the incident and who or what was at fault, including driver mistake, poor-quality vehicle parts, and hazardous road conditions;

Both economics and biomechanics specialists are on hand to evaluate the entire scope of your injuries, calculate the cost of your future medical needs, and calculate any lost income or diminished earning capacity as a result of the crash.

We are persistent and morally upright advocates of our clients. We provide the following advantages to customers who have had personal injuries or accidents.

We provide each client individualised, professional legal advice backed by sizable financial and technological resources that neither a lone practitioner nor a small law company can provide;

We undertake in-depth investigations and have access to the leading accident reconstruction and biomechanics specialists for cases involving brain, spine, neck, and back injuries.

We have a reputation for effectively presenting complicated and challenging matters in court. As a result, we routinely get settlements that are far larger than the industry standard, including some of the largest verdicts and agreements ever reached in individual injury cases in the state of California.


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