Why Did They Call This Gem a “Blood Diamond?”

Are you curious about how a gem got its name? In this article, we’ll explore the history and many stories behind Blood Diamond.

Why do they call it Blood Diamond?

The ruby, sapphire, and diamond mines of Sierra Leone are among the most notorious in the world for their connection to human rights abuses. For decades, these gems have been called “blood diamonds,” a term coined by activists to refer to the diamonds mined from conflict zones with links to human rights abuses.

Today, Blood Diamonds still play an important role in terrorist funding and illicit trade. The signature red color of Ruby, Sapphire and Diamonds often leads buyers to believe their purchase supports humanitarian causes. These gems are often found at sites surrounded by violence and conflict where forced labor and exploitation are common practices.

There has been a shift in how Blood Diamonds are perceived in recent years. From being seen as valuable stones exploited by warlords, Blood Diamonds are now seen as symbols of human trafficking and slavery. Shining a light on this dark side of the gem industry can help create a more responsible marketplace for these beautiful treasures.

Why do a lot of people think the name has to do with diamonds?

There are a few different theories about why the gemstone diamond was named after blood. One theory is that the word “diamond” is derived from the Arabic word “dham,” which means “a dark, bluish-black mineral found in India and other parts of the world.” Another theory is that “diamond” comes from the Dutch word “diamant,” which refers to any hard, brilliancy-wearing stone.

One popular belief is that diamonds were named after blood because they were once used by royalty as a currency. People often needed to trade goods for food and shelter during war and famine. They might be able to get something valuable in return, such as food or jewelry, but they would usually only be able to afford to buy something outright. Someone might offer something valuable, like a diamond necklace or ring, in exchange for something more essential, like food or shelter. This way, the diamond became known as a “blood diamond.”


For most people, the term “blood diamond” conjures up images of shady characters exploiting resources in Africa to make a quick buck. But what if you learned that this gem wasn’t just any old rock — it was created from human blood? After all, there is no other natural resource as precious as blood diamonds. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating history of blood diamonds and why they have become so infamous. We’ll also offer tips on staying safe when shopping for “diamonds from hell.” So whether you’re looking to learn more about this controversial topic or want to get away from it for a while, read on lab-created diamond UK!

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