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Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

New Construction or Renovation of Existing Bathrooms

After years of getting ignored, the bathroom niche is currently undergoing a renovation in recent times (excuse the pun!). For the longest time, homeowners saw their bathroom as a place of necessity. Now, they’re realizing that they can make the bathroom a part of the home, a luxurious space that is just as valuable as the bedrooms and living spaces. Here are some items you’ll want to rent from Lakeside-hire.co.uk for your bathroom renovation.

Rather than a simple white bathroom that you almost feel embarrassed to allow visitors to use, it’s time to design the bathroom of your dreams. Soon enough, you won’t be able to stop yourself from showing off your bathroom to all visitors! 

These days, many different types of bathroom projects exist – this includes new constructions and renovations. On the one hand, you’re building a bathroom from scratch in a new building. On the other, you need to tear out your old bathroom and replace it with something more modern. Whichever project you have, you’ll find professionals to help. 

Even within an existing home, you still have options. For example, some homeowners choose to update their bathrooms with minor changes. They keep the same layout while introducing a new bath, towel warmer, lighting, mirrors, and even smaller fixtures like faucets. For those with a larger budget, a renovation is an option. This time, the aim is to change everything about the room (even the layout). Consequently, a renovation is closer to new construction than a simple update. 

What does this mean for homeowners? Well, those only looking to update their bathroom can contact interior designers and similar professionals. On the other hand, those who have a new construction or renovation project need to think about wiring and pipework as well as design. Therefore, you’re likely to need an electrician, plumber, and other professionals. Fortunately, the very best Perth bathroom renovation company has contacts and will help from start to finish. 

Products, Fixtures, Design, and Layout 

When designing the bathroom of your dreams, the current state of the room is always your starting point. If you’re building a new home, you essentially have a blank canvas from which to work. You can talk through your ideas with professionals, and they will either put them into action or suggest alternatives if they aren’t viable. If you have an existing bathroom, your budget and needs will determine whether you simply update the room or renovate it completely. 

Will you change a few fixtures around the room, or do you want to entirely change the layout of the bathroom? While some people feel overwhelmed by this choice, it means that they can do whatever suits their budget and needs. 

Also, think about your goals. If you want to make a small bathroom look bigger, you may not need to change the whole layout of the room. Instead, install a floating sink, use the same color on the walls and ceiling, and use a big mirror. Suddenly, the room looks endless, and all those who enter your bathroom notice the difference. If you want to make the room look more luxurious, you could potentially achieve this with new faucets, mirrors, and lighting fixtures. 

In other cases, you may need to change the layout to achieve your dream bathroom. While some want to install cubbies in the wall for lighting and storage, others want to make their bathroom more accessible for elderly relatives/residents. 

With all the advancements in the products, fixtures, and layouts in recent years, designing the bathroom of your dreams is possible. Work with a reliable professional company and design a bathroom that meets your needs!

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