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How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle

In our daily routine, we come across many things that have become habitual. We use those things as a part of our life but do not give more attention to them than that. Door knobs or handles are one of such things because we use them (many of them) daily but do not find them essential. It only happens when one has some issue like loosening bolts or completely falling off. An entirely forgotten category, Plumber Phoenix, becomes the most crucial person on such occasions. Fixing a doorknob or handle is fortunately not a difficult task.

Why do door handles or knobs get displaced?

Before going into the details of fixing them, let us understand the reason behind this problem. 

  • One reason can be constant usage by many people with different styles, and some handle them very roughly.
  • It can become loose or wobbly after some time and need to be adjusted again.
  • It might have a missing or loose screw on the plate.
  • The locking mechanism of the handle or knob may not be working correctly.
  • It has been used for a long time now and can attract dust, pollutants, and dirt to affect its working.

Types of handles or knobs: – 

To increase the aesthetic value of the house or office, many owners go for the good-looking handles or knobs on the door. There are many types of handles or knobs in the market, as we have seen some of them. Though the metal is used for making knobs or handles, they can have wear and tear over a period, so it is crucial to monitor and take action, which is done well by Plumber Phoenix

Fixing the loose doorknob or handle: – 

  • Remove the handle or the knob: – 

Normal handle: – Locate the exposed screw inside the door. Uncover the shaft by loosening the handle with a screwdriver or Allen key. The threaded shaft must be twisted to flush the door. For a non-threaded shaft, you can just set the handle back on the shaft to the door face and tighten the screws.

  • Remove the base: – 

Remove the base after separating the spindle shaft from the handle. Loosen the ring slowly with a screwdriver. Avoid damaging the backing plate; else, you need to replace the whole set.  

  • Find the screws and tighten

You can see the set screws once you remove the ring. They are located at the inside of the backing plate that holds the assembly together. Tighten each screw separately by holding the outside backing plate to keep it still.

  • Restore the base and put the handle back:- 

Adjust the ring again on the backing plate and put the handle back on the spindle shaft. Once adjusted, position the handle to align holes with the detent and click into place.

Conclusion: – 

Having just one look at the handle, you won’t know the mechanism inside. Though it is not great science, it still needs experts like Plumber Phoenix. It is also surprising that anyone cannot fix a simple instrument like doorknobs and handles.  

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