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Good luck in 2022! I believe we were all prepared to witness the end of 2021! But let’s start 2022 with a discussion on all things comfy! Today, I’ll be joining my friends at Cozy Living to provide some January hygiene tips! Jennifer from Town and Country Living hosts this monthly series! This month, I’ll tell you all you need to know about our comfortable fireplace in the living room!


I’ve had the imitation fireplace mantel in our living room for years, but it’s only for show. Then, this winter, I discovered on Instagram that some bloggers had installed an electric fireplace in their houses. Brooke from Nesting with Grace was one of them. She even created an electric fireplace mantel! Lauren McBride then placed an electric fireplace on her home’s existing mantel. So I was wondering whether an electric fireplace insert could be added to our existing mantel.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the same fireplace insert used by Brooke and Lauren was also available in a smaller size that would fit perfectly in our mantel opening! It was a simple Amazon Prime purchase, and it arrived a few days later. To install the electric fireplace, we had to remove the original metal fireplace box from our mantel, but that was all! It fits flawlessly and only has to be screwed in and plugged in! And now we have a warm fireplace to enjoy over the cold months!

The electric fireplace insert has a remote control that allows you to switch it on and off. It is also utilized to adjust some of the fireplace’s properties, such as the flame, sound, and heat. There are also controls on the fireplace that are buried behind a panel.


The sound may also be adjusted using the remote control. There is a crackle that mimics the crackling of wood on a real fire. The most extreme choice is pretty intense and sounds really phony. There is also a mild and medium crunch. I like the lower settings and occasionally turn off the sound option.


Finally, you may use the remote control to switch on the heating and fan. There are two heat settings available: low and high. It’s really that simple. On a frigid winter day, I normally keep the heat low, and it really warms up our small living area. I prepared a little film to demonstrate the various heights of the flames and to hear the various cracks.

The buzzing you hear in the video is Daphne’s sound machine, haha! She was here and sleeping when I took the video! I’d also want to point out that the glass in front of the electric fireplace never gets heated. This is a fantastic feature if you have young children that enjoy exploring and touching things!

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the electric fireplace insert. The brilliant flame and embers, together with the heat function, add warmth to our living space. Let’s see what cozy ideas my pals come up with this month.


Flames are classified into three categories. The first is a towering, powerful flame with some blue mixed in with the orange flames. There is also a medium and a low flame. In fact, I believe that the modest flame with burning embers is the most lifelike.

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