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How to Maintain Your Couch

So you’ve bought a new couch. You love it, and you couldn’t be happier with your purchase. You flop onto the couch each night after a long day at work; you let your kids jump on it while watching their favorite cartoon, and even spill stuff on it from time to time. Despite all of that wear-and-tear, your beautiful piece of furniture is still intact and holding strong against the attacks from your family. How do they do it?

Well for starters, most couches are made from leather or fabric, both of which have been treated to resist damage from liquids and other stains during production. There’s a secret behind this shiny or textured material though: protective top coats! These top coats are very thin, and most manufacturers don’t really advertise them to the average consumer. But they exist, and you can find them in a variety of finishes- shiny or matte. Think: car wax.

If your couch is still new and hasn’t received any real damage yet (or if it’s been freshly reupholstered), then you’re in luck! All you need to do is maintain that protective layer to ensure your couch remains pristine for years to come. Here are some easy steps to follow:

1.) Vacuum Daily:

I know you probably just finished vacuuming last week but it bears repeating! It doesn’t matter how great the material is at repelling liquids; after enough time has passed, dirt particles will start to work their way into the top coat and cause unsightly stains. As such, it’s best to vacuum your couch every day (or at least three times a week) using a soft brush attachment. If your couch is situated next to a wall, make sure you get in between the cushions and any cracks or crevices where dust and dirt tend to collect.

2.) Flip and Rotate:

You may not notice this immediately but over time, all couches begin to sag due to gravity and weight distribution. When this happens, you’ll want to take action by flipping over the cushions so that they are resting on their opposite side. This will help ensure even wear across all surfaces of the cushion since you can’t flip the actual fabric/leather itself. Furthermore, you should also turn the couch around so that it faces a different direction if it’s being used in a long, narrow room. If your living or family room is wide and spacious though, feel free to leave your couch where it is!

3.) Use Furniture Polish:

 Most of us probably don’t think to use an oil-based furniture polish on our couches but for good reason: they work miracles! By applying a little bit of this stuff onto all surfaces of the upholstery (including arms and headrests), you’ll be able to maintain that original look and feel of the top coats. Just make sure not to use too much polish because then you’ll need to re-apply every week and the couch will look greasy and dirty!

4.) Have Your Cushions Treated:

 Just like pillows and other soft furnishings, you’ll want to have your protective cushion covers treated with a protectorant spray. This is especially important for high-traffic areas such as the arms, back, and sides of your couch. By treating these sections regularly (maybe once or twice a month depending on wear), they won’t absorb dust particles or liquids which will extend their life span by years.

5.) Keep Them Cool:

High temperatures are never good for any type of leathers so whenever possible, try not to excessively heat up the couch. Don’t drape blankets across it just because it’s chilly outside; keep the home climate nice and cool, and the couch will thank you with a ridiculously long life span.

Of course, maintaining any type of furniture requires cleaning supplies such as soaps, oil-based polishes, and fabric/leather protectant sprays. If you don’t already have these items laying around the house though (or if they’re all used up), consider taking a trip to your local department store or warehouse club to stock up on some emergency supplies! You can always ask for help from a friendly sales associate who should be able to point out the right products for you. And if that fails, try going online where there are literally thousands of different types of cleaners to choose from. After all: it’s not rocket science!

6.) Hire Professional Couch Cleaning Service

Hiring professional couch cleaning Perth services could be a reliable option for getting rid of such stubborn dirt efficiently and quickly without wasting much effort or time. Professionals use special machines and products that help them remove dirt from hidden surfaces where vacuum cleaners cannot reach thus leaving your furniture looking clean and new!

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