Balancing Your Body With Electrolytes

There are various neon-colored sports electrolyte beverages in the market that claim to improve your physical performance and help you to recover faster. But according to dieticians, there is an appropriate time and amount to consume electrolyte drink.

Some electrolyte drinks are for recovery after exercise, while others are better if you are sick and lose fluid due to vomiting or diarrhea. Electrolyte drinks are rapidly expanding in the athletics world to meet the need for the benefits of hydration and mineral enrichment. This article discusses the potential electrolyte benefits.

Replenish Lost Electrolytes 

Electrolyte drinks are a quick and convenient way for athletes to replenish lost electrolytes stored through sweat and can help people with severe diarrhea or vomiting stay hydrated and maintain their electrolyte balance. Most people who eat a healthy diet and are well-hydrated do not require an electrolyte drink. However, when a person consumes an electrolyte drink, they may consume more than is necessary and may have associated risks.

Keep You Energised 

The primary advantage of electrolytes is that they prevent dehydration and give you a good feeling. They don’t give you the sugary energy boost you could get from energy drinks, but be thankful for it, because if you’re dehydrated, you know I’m talking about that sluggish feeling. Electrolyte drinks help replenish bodily fluids and minerals lost through sweat, training, hot weather or illness.

Maintains Body Temperature

Electrolytic water helps maintain the temperature of the body, keeps the blood flowing, promotes intestinal movement, brings nutrients into the gut and provides the substrates for most of the chemical reactions in our body including the energy production itself.

Some Other Good Drinks to Balance Your Electrolytes Level

Coconut Water 

The human body has a mechanism for maintaining adequate fluid and electrolyte levels, and most healthy people who eat a balanced diet and drink sufficient water are adequate. While traditionally manufactured and flavored sports drinks have been the drink of choice for many years in the world of sport and fitness, recent research suggests that coconut water effectively promotes rehydration and less stomach upset and bloating. Studies have also shown that it can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health, another reason to drink coconut water.

Watermelon Water 

Watermelon water is a good source of electrolytes. It also contains L-citrulline, which helps in improving oxygen transport and your athletic performance. You can also try other types of fruit juices such as tart cherry juice and orange juice, as they also contain potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.


Electrolyte drinking water is formulated to improve hydration and other body functions by balancing electrolyte levels. While electrolytic water and sports drinks that add electrolytes are good for hydration, sports drinks often contain large amounts of sugar and calories. So, make sure to go for the one with no sugar and extra calories.So, make sure to go for the one with no sugar and extra calories like NakedAde Electrolyte Powder.

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