Popular Medication for Treating Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) cannot be cured but these unpleasant symptoms can be effectively managed with popular pharmaceuticals. One of these treatments is dapoxetine. This medication is used by millions of men around the world, in spite of first being created to treat depression. Dapoxetine can be found under the trade name, Priligy. 

This was the first marketed medication with dapoxetine as the active ingredient. But after its patent expired, the treatment was made available as a generic medicine. Generic medications are developed using the same formula as branded medicine, but they are far more cost-effective. In fact, when you choose to buy a generic version instead of a branded medicine, you can pay up to 85% less than you would be paying for the original pill. 

Whether you use the branded or generic form of dapoxetine, this medication will work in the exact same way to delay ejaculation. This means you will receive the same results whether you buy the original medication or its generic alternative. The only difference that matters is; that you will be paying significantly less for the generic pill. 

Why Should I Treat PE Symptoms?

PE can be defined as the inability to delay ejaculation, for more than a minute, after penetration during sexual intercourse. While it is a common sexual condition, it can be very frustrating for the man experiencing the disorder as well as for his partner. The main reason to treat your symptoms of premature ejaculation is so that you can experience a full, satisfying sex life. It is also so you can perform sexually, as a man was intended to.  

In addition to regaining your sexual performance, being treated with dapoxetine also extends to your partner. Your sexual companion is also able to receive gratified sexual experiences when you perform at your best. This helps build better relationships and closeness with your partner, which in turn, improves every other area of your life too. 

Premature ejaculation pills assist in reducing the anxiety associated with orgasming too early and help you find a better way to deal with the stress of the disorder. By delaying the rapid climax, you are allowed to increase your sexual confidence, and whenever you feel better; it shows in every aspect of your life. 

How Much Dapoxetine Should I Take?

Dapoxetine is available in two strengths; 30 mg and 60 mg. The 60 mg dose contains twice the amount of active ingredient than the 30 mg tablet, therefore making it a stronger option. These high-strength pills are appropriate for more serious cases of PE and can be used when the 30 mg option does not provide sufficient relief from symptoms of premature ejaculation. 

The 30 mg strength can be used when starting premature ejaculation treatment . If you experience the affects you need and are satisfied with the treatment, you can stick to the dosage. If not, you can increase to the 60 mg dose and get more intensive PE treatment. For those who are experiencing side effects when taking the 30 mg strength, the pill can be broken in half to get a reduced dose (15 mg). To do this, simply split the tablet down the middle and take as usual. Not only will you receive a lower strength option, but you will also make your medication last longer; saving you money in the long run. 

Older people are advised to use the lower strength options (ideally 15 mg of the active ingredient). This is because as you get older, your body changes and you are more likely to experience side effects as a result of this. Additionally, men with underlying medical conditions are also recommended to use the lower dose of dapoxetine.

Is Dapoxetine Dangerous?

Dapoxetine is an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of rapid climax. This medicine has the intended purpose of relieving PE symptoms, and when used to do just that – it is entirely safe. The medication becomes unsafe if you take it for inappropriate reasons. For example, taking dapoxetine recreationally places you at risk for experiencing side effects and other health complications. 

The way that you take the medicine also affects your safety. If you use the medicine without following the recommended usage and dosage advice, you can experience negative effects on your health. This can include taking the medication when it is not safe or combining dapoxetine with medicines that interact negatively with it. 

The use of these PE pills is also considered dangerous if you combine the medication with alcohol. The sedative effects of alcohol can be increased if you combine the medication with an alcoholic drink. Moreover, excessive drowsiness can result in accidental falls and injury. When consuming alcohol and dapoxetine together, you also increase your risk of fainting. 

With that said, when taking dapoxetine exactly as you are intended to, you will receive the most out of your medication; with the lowest risk of adverse effects possible. 

Where Can I Buy Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine is available at any pharmacy, but the easiest place to buy it is at our online pharmacy. We are a registered and secure platform that provides only the best, FDA-approved medicines on the market. You can easily find your PE pills in our pharmacy and place an order to buy them effortlessly. The entire process takes only a few minutes and can be completed from your phone, desktop PC, tablet, or laptop. All you need is a connection to the internet. 

When you buy from us, you not only receive the benefits indicated above, but you also get discreet services. We know that premature ejaculation can be a sensitive topic for many men and that is why we offer the option of having your medication delivered in unmarked or plain packaging. This packaging does not reveal the nature of your order, and your privacy is protected when buying PE pills. And best of all, the platform is also private. There are no face-to-face interactions with anyone and you can place your order from your home, phone, or laptop computer. 

Buy dapoxetine today and improve your sexual performance. 

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