7 Types Of Exercises To Do With A Friend

Thanks to our everyday sedentary lifestyle, we have stopped exercising the way we used to do so naturally, in centuries past. This has led to a veritable surge in obesity levels increasing from day to day. As of now, there are more obese people on this planet than at any time in human history. While all of this is leading to an epidemic of chronic conditions and diseases, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

All you have to do now is to move a bit more than you used to before. Let us check out a few exercises that you and your best friend can do together:

  1. Back-to-Back Full Squats

You and your friend should stand with both your backs pressed firmly against each other. Once in position, slowly start the squat keeping pace with each other and at the same time. Squat together until your thighs are at an even 90-degree angle vis-a-vis your legs. Now hold this stage for at least 20 to 30 seconds or so (more is better). Once you are done, you should slowly stand back at the very same pace at which you had started your squat. As long as your knees don’t bend over your legs, you are pretty good.

  • Boxing

Sparring contests are a lot more fun when the opponent is your friend, instead of a simple sand-filled dummy. You can spend an invigorating 10 to 30 minutes working out while trying to impress each other with your fancy footwork and lighting jabs. At the end of the day, not only will you be able to become a better fighter and more aware of your surroundings, but you will also lose a lot of weight (not to mention earn the respect of your friend).

  • Run a race together

What could be simpler than this? After all, you and your friends had been playing tag and running races even when you were little kids. So why stop now? Not only will you be able to recapture your childhood fun, but will get plenty of fresh air and exercise in the bargain. Best of all, once you make it a routine, you will both be able to get rid of all those extra pounds.

  • Go cycling

Next to running, cycling is also a great habit. That is if you develop it as a habit in the first place. It might be a tad lonesome cycling alone, but if you are with your best friend, you will both be able to enjoy the morning or evening (as the case may be). Moreover, a little friendly competition will give that extra zap to your workout.

  • Swimming

This is another great way to work out with your friend. You can see who knows the most about swimming styles and who is the better swimmer. As your speed and coordination will increase, so will your stamina and in time, the two of you will be pacing each other.

  • Rowing

This is another great exercise and sporting activity that requires a lot of coordination and muscle power. Learning to row will build your core, back, biceps and of course, shed a lot of unwanted pounds. If you really want to get those calories burning you can let yourself go and opt for a no holds barred race. Do it a couple of times a week and you will be back in shape in no time at all. You can also row in the same boat and practice your coordination skills.

  • Cardio exercises

It if is not possible to head outdoors every evening or early morning, you can also do the needful by doing cardio exercises with your best friend. With squat racks you can try squat challenges which help in performing highly efficient movements that work multiple muscle groups. While exercising alone is all well and good, but in time people get bored and they want more. In which case a friend who works out with you will help alleviate the boredom.

  • Conclusion

If we are to remain fit and healthy we must exercise more. It is always more fun to exercise with a partner since we feel more motivated and actually look forward to the workout.

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