3 Ways To Use Sandalwood Oil for Relaxation

While the jury is out on whether or not essential oils have profound health benefits, they’re undoubtedly effective for aromatherapy! That means that if you’re feeling stressed out, essential oils might be a potential solution. 

Plenty of oils work well for relaxation, but sandalwood oil is one of our favorites. We’re here to talk about three of our favorite ways to use it when we want to unwind. Read on to learn more.

1. Use It to Scent Your Home

This is one of the best ways to use sandalwood oil for relaxation. You can put essential oils in scent diffusers and use them like you would any other air freshener or scent spray.

There are all different types of scent diffusers to choose from. For example, you can get diffusers that spread the scent throughout your home or mini diffusers that only scent a single room. 

We love having multiple different diffusers around the house so you can mix and match scents. You can have sandalwood oil in your bedroom for peak relaxation.

If you’re using essential oils and you have pets, make sure to look up whether or not oil diffusion is safe with your specific animal. It may not be the best option for everyone.

2. Put It in Your Bath or Shower

What better place to relax than in the bath or shower? Give yourself an at-home spa experience by using sandalwood oil while you bathe.

If you’re using it in the shower, wait until the water gets hot, and then put a few drops of oil onto your shower floor. While the oil will get washed away, you’ll still be able to smell it in the steam for a few minutes. 

If you’re taking a bath, wait until the tub is almost full, and then put a few drops of sandalwood oil in the water. Use less than you think you need. It’s more potent than you think!

If you’re feeling extra creative, consider making a DIY bath bomb with sandalwood essential oil. This will seriously upgrade your spa day, and you’ll be spending a fraction of the money that you would spend on store-bought bath bombs.

3. Use It Like Perfume

You can use essential oils as you would perfume if you’re careful. We love doing this before bed, so the scent follows you while you drift off to sleep.

Dilute the sandalwood essential oil in carrier oil (coconut oil works well). The oil should still smell like sandalwood, but it won’t be abrasive to your skin. 

Use a small amount of your new oil mixture on your skin and even your hair. If you put it in your hair, we recommend just dampening your fingertips with the oil and running them through your hair quickly. 

On your skin, use it behind your ears and on your wrists and neck.

We Love Using Sandalwood Oil to Relax

sandalwood oil is excellent for relaxation (and it smells nice too). Try our favorite methods of using sandalwood oil to relax. Whether you’re diffusing it in your home, using it in your bath, or putting it on your skin and hair, you’ll love this relaxing scent.

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