Consider Invisalign Clear Aligner For Orthodontic Treatment

At some point, everyone having misaligned teeth becomes fed up with their plight. For some people, it is the constant jaw pain they experience, and for some others, it is the inconvenience that comes with feeling self-conscious when you smile or have problems brushing and flossing properly. These reasons are enough to make them change the state of things, and in this case, their alignment issues.

No matter your reason for correcting your teeth alignment, you can achieve a perfect smile with Invisalign clear aligners. After treatment, you can maintain the perfect smile with Invisalign retainers.However, if you are still unsure if you should get Invisalign aligners, below are some reasons you should consider getting Invisalign clear aligners.

It is ideal for a professional environment

No one gets punished for wearing a traditional metal brace in the workplace, but we can all agree that a clear, removable, plastic aligner would be better suited. For one thing, a good impression is paramount in a professional environment, and a mouth full of wires and brackets will look awkward, not to mention how it makes the wearer feel self-conscious about their look. Wearing invisible braces will make you more confident in your place of work, translating to better work output and spirit.

Treatment with Invisalign clear aligners takes a shorter time than traditional metal braces. This means you get to wear the aligners for a shorter time and have a perfect smile at the end of the day.

A more comfortable option

Before the invention of Invisalign, people who had misaligned teeth had fewer options. It was either treatment with large metal bracesor treatment with retainers that were anything but comfortable and had to be adjusted regularly. For some people, treatment was difficult and near impossible because their gums or cheeks were sensitive to the metal braces.

Fortunately, with Invisalign, treatment for misaligned or crooked teeth became easier without the pain and discomfort that came with the previous treatment methods. At this time, you can get your teeth aligned to perfection in a simple, smooth and comfortable way.

It is affordable

Although the upfront payment for Invisalign is more than that of traditional metal braces, other factors contribute to the overall cost of treatment. With Invisalign, you are only allowed to check in with your dentist a couple of times, such as changing trays at scheduled times and regular checkups or evaluation of treatment. Besides these times, you would have no reason to visit your dentist or orthodontist.

On the other hand, treatment involves much more. There is a regular trip to the dentist to adjust wires and brackets. This means booking an orthodontic appointment each time this is to happen. There is also the possibility of the wire or bracket getting hooked or broken due to an accident and requiring another fix appointment. Finally, there is the stress of taking time off work and driving for your dental appointment.

Remedy for pain and discomfort

People who have misaligned teeth experience constant pain due to the pressure caused in some mouth and jaw areas. In some cases, the pain is so severe that the individual believes that they may have a cavity or need a root canal treatment. The pain can radiate from the jaw to the face and head, causing headaches.

The best thing to do when experiencing such pain is to see your orthodontist. They will determine the cause of the pain and determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign aligners. The Invisalign aligners will adjust your bite and eliminate the pain.

A reliable way to improve your smile

Everybody wants a perfect and beautiful smile. Sadly, not everyone is born with it. Nonetheless, you can still get a beautiful smile even if you were not born with it. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can get that smile you have always wanted in just a year. This is, of course, a shorter period than traditional metal braces.

Getting started

Are you ready to get started on your teeth straightening journey with Invisalign? If you are, you need to contact an orthodontist and book an appointment. During your appointment, they will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. If you are, a customised impression will be created for you, and it will be used to generate the aligner trays.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is, no doubt, an excellent option for several people. However, it is not always viable in all cases. Invisalign is a great choice for dental problems like mild or moderate cases of crooked teeth, overcrowding, gapped teeth, protruding teeth and imperfect bites. Your orthodontist may recommend a more aggressive approach like surgery to remedy such issues for severe orthodontic problems.

You can visit London Braces clinic if you need a London Invisalign provider and get started on your Invisalign journey.

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