Your Guide to The Best Video Doorbells Of 2021

What’s better than a regular doorbell? A video doorbell of course! And a smart one, at that. A long time back everybody was hyped up about video intercoms when they first rolled out; an upgrade from the regular intercom by which you could only speak to whoever was at your door or your gate. But being able to see what was going on outside was huge – in terms of technology and in terms of security too.

Smart video doorbells are basically an upgraded version of video intercoms. What sets them apart though? The fact that their cameras cover a wide-angle view? The remote control access? The smart technology? That’s right, smart video doorbells boast features you have never seen or would have ever expected of an ordinary doorbell.

Here are two of the best video doorbells 2021 we saw in the year.

Top 2 Video Doorbells Of 2021

1. Google Nest Doorbell

A top-tier video doorbell that is available in a battery-powered option, the Nest Doorbell retails for $179.99. You may question the insanely high price of a video doorbell because let’s be honest, video intercoms didn’t even cost half as much – but the Nest Doorbell is a smart device, which means it’s built with smart technology, that is great for convenience and for security purposes too.

The Nest Doorbell provides users with a taller field of view, which means you can see whoever is standing from head to toe, not just their torso that’s angled at the camera like your old video intercom would have shown.

The HDR video feed of the doorbell is accessible from the Google Home app, and to answer the doorbell itself is also done through the app. Do you know what that means? Not only would you be able to stand in your kitchen, and answer the door and see whose outside by picking up your smartphone, but you can be literally anywhere and do just that – you can be at work, while you’re out running errands or even when you are on vacation. This way you can now let the mailman know where to place your deliveries when you’re away from home instead of dropping it off next door with your snoopy neighbor.

The Nest Doorbell is built to detect the difference between objects, animals and people. Being able to set a parameter that is referred to as an “Activity Zone”, by which any movement detected within can send alerts to your smartphone, the device is smart enough to know when you should be alerted; not every time a squirrel scurries through your porch. Get alerts anytime someone hasn’t rung the bell either, and watch as well as rewind the video feed from the app to view what you previously missed out on. The Nest Doorbell basically serves as your mini-surveillance system.

Save pre-recorded responses for your device to automatically answer while you can’t check the door yourself. We weren’t kidding when we said these video doorbells are all about convenience and security.

2. Ring Video Doorbell

Another top contender for video doorbells in the year 2021 has been the Ring Video Doorbell series. These are available in wired and wireless sets. The original Video Doorbell released in 2020 is still a top favorite among customers, retailing for $99.99.

The Ring Video Doorbell comes with a plethora of features. First things first, its video feed is accessible from our mobile devices, in 1080p clear HD, with a sharp contrast that is perfect down to the last detail, and includes clear vision even in the dark. With two-way audio, it’s easier to communicate with whoever is at the door regardless of wherever you are – and straight from your mobile device. You can let them know where to place your deliveries, or whether your friends should just walk in if the door is unlocked while you’re prepping dinner in the kitchen.

Get real-time notifications of whenever the bell has been rung and even when it hasn’t. This way you can keep a check on whatever is going on, whether you’re within your premises or away. The Ring Video Doorbell also allows for the option to set personalized notifications so that the camera has facial recognition of specific people you know, and sends notifications accordingly. You can also get security alerts in your area from local public safety agencies.

The Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with all other Ring smart devices. Connect them through the Ring App and make your home security system even stronger than before. It is also compatible with selective Alexa devices, for hands-free access in the case where you are already occupied.

Video Doorbells for Home Security

The two above-mentioned video doorbells are the best ones yet, continuing into the year 2021. What’s a better way to make your home safer other than installing a smart video doorbell that not only gives you 24/7 access to the video feed to keep an eye on what’s going on outside but also so that you can check up on what you missed while you were away from home. And these devices also bring with them the convenience to answer your door whether you are upstairs in your bathroom, outside in the backyard, or even just standing at the Mc Donald’s drive-thru queue. When you can enjoy such features, why wouldn’t you want to get one for your home?  

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