How to Increase Blog Traffic Today: 4 Tips You Need to Know

If you’re among the 64% of companies with a website, then you should have a blog. But if you’re not getting lots of traffic to your blog, you may be wondering what the point is of having one. Fortunately, there are effective ways to boost your visitor count so you get more brand visibility. 

Stick around to learn 4 tips on how to increase blog traffic today!

1. Develop Engaging Content

Boring content won’t compel even the most patient reader to stick around. Instead, you need engaging content with zippy headlines and legit research to give your blog posts some substance. Try to weave in elements of your company’s mission so that your vision and passion come through in the tone. 

You may want to outsource writing if crafting prose isn’t your strongest skill. Just make sure the writer has the expertise to sell your services and give you credibility when they write a blog post. For example, a construction company blog post might offer how-to advice on painting cupboards or sealing a deck. 

2. Create a Content Plan

When you create a content plan, you’ll be more efficient with your marketing approach. What is content planning? Simply put, it’s a process where you determine who creates the content, what it will cover, and how it will be promoted. 

You’ll be able to determine which content areas to cover as well as a timeline for producing content. You can assign your best writers to the job and ensure that you have a calendar for production. 

3. Use the Right Keywords and Links

When you write a blog post, you’ll gain more traction from it if you weave in the right keywords. Research keywords that potential customers are using to search for your type of product or service. By adding those keywords to your blog posts, you’ll be activating search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to SEO, create links to other pages on your website. And create links to other related websites — but not competitors. 

Just don’t stuff your prose with too many keywords or links. Doing so will hurt the readability and may make readers leave.

4. Promote Your Blog

Wondering how to increase blog traffic? A key component of your strategy needs to be active content promotion. Use a variety of channels to get the word out about your latest blog post — and why it’s relevant.

Send regular email blasts to your list of potential customers. Use website forms, social media, and other questionnaires to collect email addresses from interested parties so you can keep them in the loop.

Craft social media posts that link directly to your latest post. And feel free to link to older ones, as well, if the content is timely or you want to offer updates. 

Learn How to Increase Blog Traffic

When you increase blog traffic, you open the door to more visibility for your brand. Develop memorable content that’s rich with links and relevant keywords. Then take the time to promote it as part of a larger content plan. 

Need more ideas to increase blog traffic? Check back soon for new articles!

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