The Best Nike Walking Shoes

Nike just did it again, reaching its first $5 billion quarter in 2022. That’s despite an economic downturn, store closures during COVID-19, and worldwide material shortages.

The reason Nike rolls with the punches so well is that it’s willing to flex with the times, explore new avenues, and keep putting one foot in front of the other when it comes to challenges.

Pro-athletes and amateurs alike embrace these sneakers wholeheartedly, promoting the best Nike training shoes and sportswear.

Yet, there’s something for everyone when it comes to this popular footwear, including excellent Nike walking shoes to ensure your comfort on the long road.

Keep reading to find out more about the best Nike shoes for your next on-foot adventure. 

What Makes Nike Walking Shoes the Best?

Comfort and support are two key criteria for walking long distances over sometimes challenging terrain. Nike knows this and has implemented several features to ensure their shoes provide the best experience for walking enthusiasts.

These are some aspects you should seek when you’re shopping for the best shoes for walking:

Proper Cushioning

When you walk around barefoot, your insole and midsole provide a pliable surface for carrying your weight over the terrain. You lose this cushioning when you wear hard, unyielding shoes, and you’ll soon feel discomfort when walking on hard surfaces, even barefoot. 

Soft, spongy ground is best to eliminate fatigue while walking, and Nike imitates this very well with their range of walking shoes. They manage to create a soft, springy surface under your feet, using several technologies, like: 

Air Soles

Nike’s air technology came about way back in 1978, and they’ve done nothing but improve it since then.

Nowadays, Nike Air shoes comprise recycled pressurized nitrogen, and the Nike Air VaporMax shoe has no midsole. This means reduced waste in landfills.

Most Nike shoes have air cushions under the heel, the forefoot, or both, which effectively cushions your feet and creates the sensation of walking on air. 


Zoom combines pressurized air with elastic fibers to create a fast-response cushioning system to suit high-impact runners. This aspect also makes these shoes great for walking.

Lightweight foam cushioning provides an excellent energy return in models with this feature. 

React Foam

React foam combines the benefits of unyielding energy-returning foams and pliant shock-absorbing materials to create a shoe that both absorbs shock and returns energy from the impact. 

This foam can undergo 2,000 hours of intense workouts without using its original characteristics, and it’s durable enough to ensure many miles of enjoyment during walking. 


With Lunarlon, Nike aims to create a ”moon walking” effect for those wearing its shoes. This is the predecessor to React foam, that adds spring to your step thanks to excellent energy return.

Although the brand is phasing this material out, you’ll still find it in older versions of Nike walking shoes. 


Wearing Nike Joyride shoes is like walking with bean bags strapped to your feet. These cushioning panels of beads provide custom support cushioning that molds itself according to your feet and walking style.

This provides unparalleled shock absorption and outstanding energy returns. 

Flexible Soles

When you walk correctly, your body weight transitions smoothly from your heel through the ball of your foot to your toes, which spring your foot into the air.

When you wear rigid shoes, they disrupt your natural walking action, causing your feet to feel cramped and tired. 

The best walking shoes have outsoles that flex according to your walking style, particularly in the area of your forefoot, or they can cause permanent foot problems

Nike shoes achieve this by using fibers with a high tensile strength to reinforce the upper shoe and wrap around your foot. Thinner soles work better for short walks, while thicker, curved ones are ideal for longer journeys on foot. 

Trail-Worthy Tread

Trail walks are even more challenging to navigate than hard concrete. Rocks, slippery surfaces, roots, and uneven going can all impact your comfort and energy levels.

If you’re heading out into the wild on foot, it’s important to choose a shoe with a tread pattern designed to provide underfoot protection and extra grip. Breathability and traction are also vital for these outings. 

Effective Uppers

The uppers on your walking shoes have valuable roles to play. These are:

  • Providing support to prevent twisting
  • Waterproofing against the elements
  • Breathability in hot conditions

Finally, when you spend a lot of money on good walking shoes, it’s only reasonable to expect the package to include a little style. Nike delivers with attractive overlays, a choice of laces, various colors, and its elegant trademark swoosh.

You can check out some of Nike’s awesome designs when you shop here for VaporMax and other types of Nikes that are best for walking.

Discover More About the Best Nikes For Walking

When you decide to buy Nike products, you’re bound to find a shoe that fits your style and your needs. These are some of the most popular models for walking:

Nike Air VaporMax 2021

The Nike Air VaporMax 2021 comes in both men’s and women’s versions, and they’re best for casual strolls along hard surfaces, like sidewalks. These are the stand-out features of the Nike Air VaporMax: 

  • Full-length nitrogen vapor cushioning for bounce and lightweight support
  • Made from 40% recycled materials 
  • Rubber pods on areas of maximum wear for extra traction
  • Floating TPU cage around the foot for support
  • An anti-twist whale-tail shank in the midsole
  • A 10 mm heel drop

Despite these cutting-edge features, the shoe has a vintage style that appeals to traditionalists and suits city excursions. 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus sneakers suit ladies and men who are embarking on mild, flat, short trails. Their top features include:

  • A wide forefoot
  • Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel
  • A mesh upper with enhanced breathability 
  • Extra padding in the tongue
  • Nike React Foam for high energy return and superb shock absorption
  • Durable mesh uppers skin overlay 
  • A tapered heel collar for a sock-like fit
  • Deeper outsole lugs for multi-surface traction

Whatever the trail brings, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air when you head out in these shoes. They’re extremely comfortable but can’t shed mud like a more rugged shoe.

That said, they’re perfect for shallow puddles, and more than waterproof enough for city excursions. 

Nike React Miller 2 Shield 

Needless to say, Nike has a type of sneaker to suit those who want to spend time splashing in puddles or traversing streams. The men’s and women’s Nike React Miller 2 Shield is ideal for cold, wet weather, and minor trails.

It achieves excellence with the following features:

  • Weatherized coating to keep your feet warm and dry
  • An insulated, gusseted tongue
  • Storm treads that direct water away from the foot
  • Microgrooves for enhanced traction
  • Strategically positioned skins to repel water seepage
  • PFC-free waterproofing
  • React foam underfoot cushioning
  • Heel and toe rockers

If you want to get out and about regardless of the weather, these shoes will serve you well all year round thanks to comprehensive water resistance and insulation. 

Nike Tanjun 

Those who refuse to set foot outdoors when the weather is less than ideal will find the Nike Tanun serves them well for summer strolls along the sidewalk or on the beach.

Check out this footwear’s best features: 

  • An extensive, attractive color range
  • A breathable, flexible mesh upper
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Combined outsole and midsole for a streamlined design 
  • A snug, stylish fit
  • Enough traction for mild terrain

These are one of Nike’s most basic designs, with a major emphasis on good looks, comfort, and fit, rather than rugged durability. They’re ideal for a casual day out, a city shopping spree, or workouts on the treadmill at the gym. 

The Tanjun is the ultimate shoe for travelers who are conscious of packing space while on the road and want a versatile shoe that goes seamlessly from sightseeing to a night on the town. 

Nike Joyride For Women

This is one for the ladies who want extra comfort and unique style when embarking on low-key adventures. They’re a step up from the Tanjan, boasting several excellent components, like: 

  • Tiny foam beads under the heel for custom cushioning
  • Extra cushioning in the forefoot
  • Breathable mesh for superb airflow
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Heel and toe rocker

The bead cushioning system is visible through windows, adding an extra dimension of interest and style to these attractive shoes. They’re great for avoiding hot weary feet on long walks, but they can’t withstand rough terrain with muddy, wet patches. 

If the Shoe Fits…

Regardless of your brand preferences, it’s vital to choose walking shoes that provide the support and comfort you need during your walks and hikes. 

Are you convinced Nike walking shoes are the best fit for you, or would you rather stick to less rugged adventures? 

Whatever you decide, we’ve got news for you. Browse our blog for more information on the latest fashion trends and styles.

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