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What is a hand held shower head?



A hand held showerhead is a region in which an individual hand-held shower head beneath a spray of common heat or warm water. Indoors, there is a drain on the floor. Most showers have a temperature, spray strain, and adjustable showerhead nozzle. The easiest showers have a swiveling nozzle aiming down on the user, whilst greater complicated showers have a showerhead related to a hose that has a mounting bracket. This permits the showerer to preserve the showerhead via hand to spray the water at one-of-a-kind components of their body. A hand-held showerhead can be set up in a small shower install or bathtub with a curtain or door.


Showering is frequent in Western subculture due to the effectiveness of its use of it in contrast with a hand-held shower head. Its use in hygiene is, therefore, frequent practice. A shower makes use of much less water in common than a hand held shower head.

According to the National Geographic Channel, the common character takes about 28,000 showers in their lifetime. As you age, it turns extra challenging to revel in this everyday luxury.

That’s why a hand wand shower head (also acknowledged as a handheld showerhead) is an awesome concept for showers. These handheld devices connect to a shower wall by a lengthy rubber hose and can be effortlessly eliminated to direct the water to the place you favor it to go.

Here’s why hand-held showerheads are the satisfactory preferences for seniors:

Hand wand showerheads provide higher control. This is in particular beneficial for seniors or those who are taking care of seniors.

“Most handheld fashions function a hose that levels from three to 6 feet…or more,” in accordance to HowStuffWorks. “The lengthy hose…on these showerheads makes them a handy alternative for human beings who use a shower seat to cope with injury, arthritis, or different bodily limitations.

By permitting aged or disabled men and women to easily successfully whilst seated, handheld showerheads help human beings continue their independence and shower except assistance. The brought flexibility of a handheld showerhead additionally makes it less complicated for caregivers to shower sufferers in their care with the aid of bringing the water properly the place it is needed.”

They’re convenient to install. Despite the frequent misconceptions, handheld shower heads are awesome and convenient to install. You don’t want substantial demolition, loo remodeling, or refinishing to install this lavatory fixture.

However, if you want a little help, the plumbing authorities at Warner Service would be joyful to assist set up a hand wand shower head.

Hand held shower head

It’s a positive way to easy the shower. When you’re a senior or taking care of a senior, cleansing is a larger chore than it used to be. Handheld showerheads make it effortless to ease the shower after scrubbing with an eco-friendly cleansing or drainage product.

No greater filling up and hauling cups or buckets of heat water from the sink or tub. Just seize the shower head and rinse the partitions and shower for a smooth finish.

Handheld shower heads additionally make it convenient to hold the shower smooth between deep scrubs. Rinse cleaning soap scum after washing up to decrease mold and mildew and fix tile and grout.

Shower heads hold water payments low. After retirement, it’s uncommon that seniors are making a weekly paycheck. To maintain retirement dollars on track, it’s indispensable to preserve strength and water payments in check. Shower hold water payments decrease in contrast to different hand-held shower head.

Most lavatory fixture producers provide low-flow handheld shower heads and/or exceptional aerators. These aerators add air to the water spray to make bigger stress whilst the use of much less water. Choose one rated at two GPM (gallons per minute) or much less to store 2,300 gallons of water a year. That equals a lot of financial savings on your water bill.

They provide gorgeous distinct features. Slide tubes are one of the excellent specific points to these hand-held shower heads, specifically for seniors. Slide tubes “allow the function of the hand-held shower head to go up and down a vertical slide so that the hand-held shower head can be located somewhere on this slide.”


This is perfect for sitting in the shower or walk-in tub, due to the fact the peak of the shower can be modified to accommodate the individual in it. It additionally lets in the hand-held shower head holder to be low sufficient to get admission to it from a sitting position.

Handheld/hand wash shower heads have so many advantages for seniors and those taking care of them. In fact, it’s one of the many methods to make domestic lifestyles simpler for these dwelling in place.

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