What are the best apps for social network calls? 

The best thing about social networking sites is that along with connecting with your loved ones and  sending them a message, you can also have a video or voice call with them. You will easily find the options  for video or voice call in their messaging apps. Also, you must consider Xfinity internet packages if you are  looking to have a video or voice call with your friends, families, and loved ones. Your cellular service and  data package might be too pricey for simply having a call, and the internet connection might lag when you  are on a video call. That is not possible on Xfinity internet packages. Even with the basic package of  downloading speed up to 50Mbps and uploading speed of 3Mbps, you can have uninterrupted video and  voice calls. 

Social network calling 

Social networking calling is a technology that lets you place phone calls over the internet. With the rise of  the internet, social network calling has become a definite means of phone service for consumers and  businesses alike. Unlike a traditional telephone call, a social network call is a cost-effective way of handling  an unlimited number of calls.

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• Voice/video calling apps are the best and most effective ways of saving costs. Instead of paying  expensive phone bills, voice calling apps help to reduce the bill by up to 50%. Businesses find this  cost-saving opportunity convenient for themselves. Also, these applications connected through  one device only allows for lower office infrastructure expenses. 

• With this kind of service, internet users can make calls from anywhere in the world. They only  need a working internet connection, and then they enjoy the benefit of making numerous calls  for the price of a few. 

• Video and voice calling apps also have advanced features like auto calling, call forwarding,  conferencing calling, etc. and this proves to be a strong communication channel between team  members and multiple clients.  

• Such apps also allow sending documents, images, and videos all the while engaging in a  conversation. You can also receive calls from other persons, while you are currently on a  conference call. This helps to let you know that other people are waiting on you.  Disadvantages: 

• You always need a stable internet connection for using voice/video calling apps • Internet connection tends to lag and cause jitters or disconnection at times 

Social network calling apps 

The following is a list of the best apps for social network calling; 

Skype is the oldest app for taking video and voice calls. Skype is compatible with all kinds of  operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Amazon Fire phone, etc. It is also available for all  computer platforms such as windows, Mac, Linux, etc. This app is used on both smartphone and  computer devices. Along with video and voice calling, this app also allows for sharing files and  sending messages. Skype features include screen sharing, where you can share screen with the  caller on both computer and smartphone devices. All of this is also possible in group video calls,  where you can share your screens, and documents with multiple people at a time. 

Facebook Messenger also works for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. It is very easy to use,  you simply have to select a contact from your contact list and hit the voice or video call button.  You can easily make a phone call to anyone else in the world. All the calls are free, but you are 

still paying for the internet data. Unfortunately, there is no group video or voice call option in  Facebook Messenger. 

Zoom really proved to be an efficient app during the coronavirus pandemic, when everything in  the physical world shifted to the virtual world. People were forced to attend meetings and  conferences online, and this huge surge put pressure on many video/voice calling apps. But the  Zoom app came through and turned out to be a reliable app for video and voice calls. Zoom allows  group video/voice calls and screen sharing as well. Zoom also introduced the feature of recording  the conference being held online in the app. 

Facetime is a free video call app for all iOS users. It cannot be used on other phones like Android  and Windows phones, rather you can online communicate with iPhone owners with this app. But  the best thing is that you can make a video call on all Apple devices like Mac, iPad, or iPhone. 

Google Hangouts is the universal messenger app for all Google services like Gmail, Google+, and  also for Android and iOS users. With Google Hangouts, you can do audio and video calls as well as  text messaging, file sharing, video streaming, and more. You can add up to 10 people in a group  video call in Google Hangouts at a time. The image or document sharing is saved into Google Drive  making it so much easier to access them later.  

There are many other social networking apps for video and voice calling and it’s constantly being improved  every day since the demand for such apps is rising. Video and voice calling apps are becoming the  communications technology of choice for each user to be able to enjoy multi-channel interactions with  other internet users for an affordable rate.

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