Freeways to track your smartphone in 2022

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, both positively and negatively. It has given us information like never before, but we never really shut ourselves off from the world, because it changes from day today.

There are several free apps that allow you to track each other. If your friends have an iPhone, you can easily track it with an app from Apple (Find My Friends). In addition, there is a myriad of apps that allow you to track each other with permission. We have highlighted the most-used apps. These ways can help you with tracking your phone and saving it from losing. Also check, find my device


Tracking phone without permission

Always be aware that this comes with privacy consequences. Tracking someone else’s phone without permission is of course undesirable, but also illegal. Do you suspect that someone else is tracking your phone? Then you can check this by looking at the active sessions. See a session or device you don’t recognize? Then remove it and change your passwords.

Mobile Phone Number Tracking (Free)

Do you receive a call from an unknown number and do you want to trace who this is? Then check the number on WhatsApp first. Please add the number to your contacts first. Open a conversation on WhatsApp and check the person’s profile picture. You can often recognize who it is from this photo.

In addition, you can see from the first three digits of the telephone number from which country the call is being made. For example, for the Netherlands, this is +31 6. In addition, you can always search for the number via Google or Facebook. Finally, you can find some data via CellTrack. With the free version, you can see general information such as the creation date, provider, and whether it is connected to a network.

Trace IMEI Number

Have you lost or stolen your phone? Then it is essential to provide the IMEI number with your tax return. You can find out by logging into the operating system manufacturer. Below are the different options per manufacturer.

Apple |
Samsung |
Google |
Do you want to buy a second-hand device, but are you afraid of possible healing? Then you can check with the central government on the basis of the IMEI number. This person performs a check in the database of the police on the basis of the report containing the IMEI number.

Apple AirTag

Apple’s AirTag works in much the same way as Samsung’s Bluetooth tracker. With the tracker, you can easily trace objects. The disadvantage compared to the Samsung SmartTag is that you cannot directly attach the AirTag to an object. For this, you need an AirTag key ring.

Other ways to track your phone

Finally, there are many other apps that allow you to track your phone. This blog has covered the apps included with the systems. External apps are deliberately not treated as it is often not known what exactly happens to the data.

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