Trailer Watch: Charlotte Gainsbourg Revisits Family History with Mother Jane Birkin in “Jane By Charlotte”

“Why do we learn to live without our mothers? It seems to be a purpose in life: to free ourselves at any cost. I don’t want to free myself,” says Charlotte Gainsbourg in a new trailer for “Jane By Charlotte.” The “Melancholia” actress’ documentary sees her exploring her complicated relationship with her mother, actress and singer Jane Birkin.

The undertaking leaves Gainsbourg feeling overwhelmed. “Last night I woke up at four from anxiety,” she tells her mother. An emotional Birkin is also feeling the toll of unearthing their history. “You were intimidating as a child. I felt privileged to be in your presence,” she reveals. “I often didn’t feel very responsible. I behaved more like a childish mother or friend. Perhaps I wasn’t responsible enough.”

Gainsbourg’s on-screen credits include “Antichrist,” “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I” and “Vol. II,” and “I Think We’re Alone Now.” “Jane By Charlotte” marks her directorial debut. The film premieres tomorrow, July 8, in the Cannes Premiere sidebar.

Check out Screen Daily’s exclusive trailer for “Jane By Charlotte” below.

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