Tips to crack Microsoft Azure Certification Exam


The Microsoft Azure Certification is quickly gaining popularity with professionals that want to enter and master the Cloud technology. Upon completion of the Azure certification, one can earn a globally industry-recognized course certificate that will help you reach greater career heights. This certification is certified by Microsoft, and the content is strategically structured to ensure industry-specific relevance in Cloud technology. In addition, you get access to job assistance services, for example, get a personalized CV, the opportunity to visit career fairs, and in-depth interview preparation.


How does one crack the Microsoft Azure Certification exam? Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the Microsoft certification course and the exam. The Azure certification course helps you become expertise in Azure applications and Azure architecture. The Azure Certification training explains the main principles and programming of Cloud computing and how the structure is implemented in Microsoft Azure. The certification course will teach you how to manage the subscriptions and role-based access for various Azure users and design an Azure application service or web application using the Azure CLI. The Certifications have a one-year validity to them, and the Azure certification cost is reasonable.


Now, let’s take a look at the roadmap to follow so you can crack the Microsoft Azure Certification with ease.


Pick the relevant certification for you-

The first and foremost step for you should be that you need to make an informed decision to choose the relevant Azure Certification for you. As there are many options that you can choose from the Microsoft Cloud Certification, you need to narrow down to an option that suits your career goals as well as your current position and experience. Choose from the above-mentioned Azure Certification courses to best suit your goals.


Build familiarity with the exam pattern-

The next step after choosing the appropriate Azure Certification Course, you need to get accustomed to the exam pattern and the procedure to complete the certification. Browsing through various standard resources over the web to check on what kind of questions were asked in previous exams and procure the right content. It is also of prime importance to read through the Microsoft Azure Official Documentation provided on the official certification page. This documentation mentions all the needed information regarding various topics and the exam prerequisites and access to resources for ease of learning. The specific certification has its own set of topics and questionnaires according to its domain like Architect, Developer, or Administrator. Thus the document provides ample guidance on that particular certification and exam.


Get started on the learning process right away-

There are various paid as well as free resources that you can refer to get you started on the learning process and are readily available on the web for your access. Apart from these self-learning methods, you can register yourself for various programs that are offered specifically for Microsoft Azure training. Another great resource to use is Microsoft Learn, which is a free learning platform provided by Microsoft that contains quality resources for your preparation to help you crack that exam easily.


Get your hands on some Hands-on experience-

When you actually practice what you learned, that helps you understand concepts well and ace them easily. Thus, acquiring some hands-on experience with the Cloud-based technology will help you gain practical knowledge about Microsoft Cloud Certification Azure. It is efficient to know and understand the concepts in a real system and practice them. You can use the hands-on labs that are available when you create a free Azure account. You can practice the latest Cloud products as well as Cloud services. This will help you become proficient with your skills and apply them in real-world scenarios.


Regardless of the type of exam or certification you are pursuing, make sure you solve numerous practice papers to get accustomed to the exam pattern. Be sure to check the official practice papers offered by Microsoft and solve them during preparation.


The most popular Microsoft Azure Certifications are-

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Examination AZ-900)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator – Associate Level Examination AZ-104
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer – Associate Level Examination AZ-204
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer (Associate Level Examination AZ-500)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect Technologies AZ-303


All the top organizational giants are looking to make a switch to Cloud services and technology. The scope of Azure certifications has increased multifold. Studies suggest that the Microsoft Azure Certified professionals draw up to 15-20% more compared to the uncertified ones. Microsoft is leading the cloud domain with Azure technologies, and this puts anyone pursuing the certification in demand.

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