The Most Significant Pet Trends in the Pet Industry

The pet care market is estimated to grow from over $222 billion in 2021 to over $325 billion in 2028. Many pet enterprises are experiencing a boost in sales due to this.

Many trends have taken over the industry. Pet owners are coming up with different new pet supplies they want to get for their pets. 

We will be looking at some of the recent trends in the pet industry in this article.

1. Diet

Buyers are no longer interested in ‘normal’ pet diets. Pet owners prefer healthy foods. They also want to know the nutritional elements and value of the foods. They prefer to go for fresher, frozen foods. These products cost more, but the demand by consumers for such foods is increasing. Examples of such pet food are natural bird blend feed, puppy dog food, shrimp food, bird feed, etc.

2. Animal Treats

Animal owners feed their pets many treats daily. Just as new pet food is becoming common, pet treats are also common. Treats like chicken liver treats, homemade dog treats, etc., are many popular treats given to pets.

3. Pet Supplements

Pet supplements are substances consumed orally by pets. Supplements could be taken mixed with pet feed or taken as single meals. The goal of pet supplements is to provide extra nutrients to the pets for growth. Examples of pet supplements are reptile calcium supplements, reptile vitamin supplements, fish supplements, and dog probiotics.

4. Insurance

Due to expensive and sudden medical needs, pet insurance is the best way for people to afford medical attention for their pets. Some reasons for the increased trend are:

  • Deep bonds with the pets
  • Pets live longer and need better medical care.

5. Mobile Grooming

Mobile pet grooming has seen a large increase over the past years. Many people do not have the time to groom their pets. The trend of mobile grooming has experienced growth.

Mobile grooming gives groomers the ability to perform different services right outside the pet owner’s door. On the other hand, pet owners can groom their pets at the comfort of their homes. Advantages of mobile pet grooming are:

  • Arrangements based on the pet owner’s schedule.
  • It reduces stress for pets, making it the best choice for nervous or hostile pets.
  • It’s safe for aged people who have trouble getting around.

The pet doesn’t have to wait in a cage for hours. It provides a safe option for people hesitant to leave their houses as well.

6. Natural Pet Commodities

Natural commodities continue to gain popularity. People are serious about boosting the planet’s health and are suspicious of the dangers of artificial chemicals. Because of this, pet owners choose natural pet products.

Most sold natural pet commodities include:

  • Pet food
  • Pet waste
  • Flea and tick repellents
  • Grooming products
  • Products for ageing pets
  • Pet toys
  • Pet wipes 

7. Expensive Products

Some owners would buy products, no matter how expensive it is, if they feel they will make their pets happier. Examples of such products are gold dog collars, gold thread mattresses, pet designer perfumes, luxury bathtubs, swings for pet birds, aquarium ornaments for fish, and many more –– the list is endless!

Pet Industry

8. Death

There are many products and services for pets as they age and die. Some examples are comforting aids for dying pets, pet graveyards, burial, and grief consulting.

9. Pet-Friendly Trips

More people now see their pets as part of their family. As a result of this, pet-friendly travel is now very common. Pet owners want to take pets with them on trips. So, in a way, they plan holidays around their pets since not all accommodations accept pets.

A rising number of hotels, vacation sites, and resorts now welcome pets. Pet-friendly travel sites help pet owners plan where to stay and what to do with their pets during their vacation

10. Technology

Virtual veterinary aids are suitable for pet owners’ busy plans and provide a safe option for visiting the vet’s office. Pet services and comforts are developing services for people. As is with people, technology has promoted this shift.

Technology also helps with calculating the correct dosage of drugs or supplements for pets according to their sizes.

The emergence of the COVID has helped increase online retail sales as most pet owners are reluctant to visit physical stores. Instead, pet owners buy pet supplies online and deliver them to their doorstep.

11. Pet Adoption

Pet Industry

Due to the rise in pet ownership, adoption agencies for pets are implemented. They conduct background checks and gather information from future pet owners to ensure that the pets are going to good homes with loving owners.

12. Pet Photography

Pet Industry

Many photographers now snap pets or only pet photographers because of the increased rate of pet photography. Most pet owners want beautiful pictures of their pets to create memories.

13. Pet-Sitting

Pet-sitting involves watching and taking care of pets in the absence of their owners. This reduces inconvenience, especially when owners work or travel. Pet owners get pet sitters through a pet sitting agency nearby or personal individuals.

14. Luxury Pet Spas

Pet owners that can afford pet spas take their pets for different services like pedicures and spa treatments. These are just some of the luxury activities these spas offer.

15. Dog Wash Services

Dog wash services reduce the stress of pet owners washing their dogs themselves by offering excellent service with high-quality products without making a mess at home.

Wash products like dog shampoo, flea and tick cleansing shampoo, etc., are available.

16. Miscellaneous Spending

Pet owners spend on other items like costumes for different occasions. For example, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Pet Industry

Even without these occasions, pet owners still buy clothes for their pets. These are not necessarily essentials but it gives the owner the joy of seeing their pets in different costumes.

17. Pet Medication Market

With the boost in the sale of various pets, the sale of treatment for pets has increased. According to a study, the medication market predicts a progression.

The raised population of pets is prompting the market and owners to deepen their interest in pet wellness and improve pet care services and products.

18. Menu for Sick Pets

Both humans and pets suffer from different diseases. So pet owners look for special products, drugs, or supplements to help treat their pets.

Illnesses like diabetes, obesity and urinary tract infections are common in cats. They also suffer from kidney disease, to name a few.

There are now special menus, products, drugs, and supplements to ease the pets’ pain and improve their health.


Finally, it is obvious that pet owners are very concerned about the health and comfort of their pets and are willing to pay money for the best care of their beloved pets.

As animal possession rises, it predicts the rapid growth of the industry too.

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