How yo can protect your pets from your work

Buying a security camera for pets, be they dogs or cats, is a good investment if you have to be away from home a lot during the day and your pet is left home alone. The furry ones are part of our family, but many commitments such as work, classes and social outings make us leave them out of our sight for a long time and we feel disconnected from what they do on a daily basis. But by adding a pet safety monitoring structure, you can stay in greater contact with them even when you can’t physically be home.

You are already in this article, so we know you are looking for an answer to your question or something to motivate you to take the step of buying one. So we will explain to you what are the most outstanding advantages of buying a pet surveillance camera and how it can facilitate your relationship.

Technology is here to stay, and so are our furry friends in our hearts. Read on and find out what we have for you on this new topic that revolutionizes the way we connect with our pets without the need to be at home all the time.

Benefits of adding pet surveillance cameras to your home

Let’s go back a little further and remember the movie “Pets”, and how they portray it perfectly: A large part of us owners don’t know the things our furry ones do during our absence, and that can create great curiosity for many people who have encountered strange things upon returning home after a day outdoors.

He climbs on the couch, cries, barks out the window, eats much more than usual, sleeps on his mat, eats things he shouldn’t, all this you can know through Wi-fi cameras that allow you not only to observe your pet, but also your home during your absence, which can create a feeling of peace and tranquility knowing that they are safe in the confines of your home.

Keep in touch with your pet through cameras

The pet cameras we offer at Security iCam are not just like any other surveillance cameras, they allow you to have direct interaction with your furry friend. You will be able to call his name and calm his nerves while you are not at home.

In some cases, you can give them treats or feed to make them feel that they are with you, and this is a way to prioritize the affection and love for the animal that you promised when you adopted it. You will be able to listen to it and talk to it without any inconvenience when you need it or when you see that it is very desperate due to the lack of people in your home.

Include sound and motion detector

With this feature you will be able to determine if your dog is acting normally, or if he is too upset during the day. In addition, you will be alerted if there is any unusual movement in your home that may be causing your dog to become agitated.

protect your pets

It is an effective way to control separation anxiety attacks that happen a lot in animals that have been rescued or joined home through quarantine, as they are not used to being indoors without their owners.

Another benefit of this feature is that if the dog is in the process of training, you will be able to be aware of its movements and correct it without even being present. This will ensure that even without a physical figure next to him, he will meet his goals, such as: to do in the sandbox and respond to keywords to eat or to do any activity that you have imposed on him since he was a child.

It is used through Apps

Another of the benefits that surveillance cameras bring (Both pet and regular) is that you can use them through mobile applications, so it will be as easy as taking the phone and checking the screens that appear there.

You can set the features you like to the camera to perform different types of functions, and you can even set reminders or alarms to be alert to any situation that is out of the ordinary.

Don’t leave your canine or feline alone, at Security iCam we are here to help you deal with the process of going back to work and leaving them alone at home without the need to be totally separated from one of the most beloved members of the family.


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