Pros And Cons Of Online Singing Classes

I recall walking down to my music teacher’s place, just a stone’s throw away from my house, for singing classes.  For learning Carnatic music, it was an hourly drill of sitting with her, in-person, at an agreed upon time. It was indeed an intimate and personal experience and it took a while to build that connection with her.  

However, in current times, technological invasion has brought everything to our doorstep, including online singing lessons.  While the online lessons have a host of benefits, they are not bereft of drawbacks either.  

Let’s delve deeper to understand the pros and cons of online singing classes.


No venue restriction:

Firstly, they no longer confine the learner and the teacher to a specific venue.  Classes can be conducted anywhere, as long as you have a decent internet connection. 

Ensures Regularity:

Since classes can be conducted/attended from practically anywhere, you need not miss your sessions when you are indisposed or travelling.  

Saves Travel Time:

It also beats the driving blues since you don’t need to undertake a round-trip to go somewhere for lessons. Hence, you can avoid traffic, parking, or bad weather conditions and attend classes from home in your casual wear!

Online Platforms At Par With In-Person Experience:

Moreover, due to the technological boom, an online Skype or Zoom session gives you the in person experience. High grade cameras and microphones help the faculty to detect tension, strain and breathing rate etc.  So online sessions are as good as in-person lessons.

Course Reviews:

Learner’sfeedback regarding their experience with the lessons/instructors can help you decide if they are best suited to your needs.  

Flexibility & Cost Effective:

Last but not the least, it turns out to be economical and are self-paced. Several courses offer life long accessibility to their modules that can be watched and practiced repeatedly, as needed.


1. Hi-tech Technical Requirements:

While the learners have the basic gadgets, they will need high quality audio/video to have effective online sessions. Further, all common video conferencing platforms, like Skype, Zoom are free to download and user friendly. However, to ensure a seamless online lesson, you need a secure Wi-Fi and familiarity with the video software beforehand. 

2. Lack Of Physical Connect:

One on one session helps the teacher to understand the students’ stance, posture, and breath control on their voice.  However, these small yet significant signs can be difficult to detect in a video.  Online sessions also do not permit teachers to make physical adjustments and corrections that can improve their student’s sound. 

Lack Of infrastructure To Sing Simultaneously:

Majority of the online platforms do not support synchronous audio.  Hence, two remote parties can neither sing together nor properly hear one another. 

3. Lack of performance opportunity:

Every singing professional aspires to perform to a full house with standing ovation from the audience.  While performances make singers comfortable in front of a crowd, it helps them in garnering appreciation/recognition while building strong networks.  Although there is nothing to beat a live performance, singers can fall back on virtual recitals and attend online auditions.

In today’s challenging times, online music classes are a blessing for beginners. It is believed that you can be good at singing if you have the passion, talent besides being at the right place at the right time. So, it’s time to learn and listen to good music on various platforms to extend your musical know how.

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