Prano Bailey-Bond to Co-Write and Direct “Things We Lost in the Fire”

Prano Bailey-Bond has lined up her follow-up to “Censor.” According to Deadline, she’ll co-write and direct “Things We Lost in the Fire,” an adaptation of a short story by Mariana Enriquez, for RT Features. The pic will “chronicle how a terrorized female community resorts to ever more extreme actions in response to male violence.”

“Censor,” Bailey-Bond’s feature debut, premiered at Sundance earlier this year. Set in 1985, the psychological horror story centers on Enid (Niamh Algar), a film censor who becomes convinced that a video nasty is connected to her sister’s disappearance. Bailey-Bond penned the script with Anthony Fletcher, with whom she’s also collaborating on the script for “Things We Lost in the Fire.”

“Work with people whom you respect, and who respect you back. Be a good leader. Be patient, but persevere. Trust your instincts,” Bailey-Bond urged when we asked what advice she’d give other women directors.

The writer-director told us, “In the past I’ve met people who have told me, ‘Your work doesn’t look like a female director’s work.’ Whilst I think this is meant as some kind of compliment, I find this kind of viewpoint incredibly reductive, as though all women-directed films are the same – like we should all be making movies about girls in floaty dresses, picking flowers in slow motion or something! I wish people would approach the work with a neutral perspective rather than a different perspective depending on the background of the director.”

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