‘Married To Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Gets Dragged For Advising Job Seekers To ‘Work For Free’ To Impress Prospective Employers

“Married To Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly is facing some backlash for offering job tips on her Twitter that several people found less than helpful.

While Heavenly may have been speaking from a go-getter and entrepreneurial standpoint, her point of view wasn’t well received by quite a few people on social media.

It appears Heavenly, who runs her own dental practice among other business endeavors, often offers job advice via her social media channels. She recently tweeted about initially working for free to impress prospective employers and convince them to hire you.

“#Job101 work for free or for lesser pay. Prove yourself to your employer! Trust me if you are good, they will hire you with top pay in no time! #HeavenHelpUs #DrHeavenly #married2med,” read Dr. Heavenly’s controversial tweet.

Soon after posting, several people took Dr. Heavenly to task over her suggestion and she quickly found herself on the defense.

“I love you Dr Heavenly, but I disagree. Employers take advantage of people who are good workers and accept lesser pay. They Try to make them do EVERYTHING, but won’t give them more money…” one person tweeted.

Dr. Heavenly responded, “Not true. If you bring money to the business. By being a top producer and/or. You have skills most do not. With a great attitude,,,The employer will pay more to keep you!”

While some people respectfully disagreed with Heavenly’s opinions, others were not so nice.

“Heavenly out here promoting slavery in 2021. You out here giving your best for free. Spending money you don’t have to get a job that doesn’t pay you. Why would the ever hire you?” another person tweeted.

Heavenly fired back: “Nope I’m trying to help you get a job!! Chances are (your) not doing anything anyway..probably collection unemployment…Why not prove yourself for the job you want! THINK!!! However closed minded people will never get ahead.”

Check out some of Dr. Heavenly’s other responses to the criticism she received below:

Where do y’all side on this one? Let us know!

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