Best Horror Movies and Shows to Binge-Watch on Hulu

Horror has been a popular film genre for decades, and in recent years, it has also become a prominent part of the television scene. The horror genre is unique and difficult to match in entertainment and shock power. For decades, more and more of these amazing types of shows and movies have been released, and as time goes on, people desire more. If you are a fan of Voodoo Movies you must read this Best Voodoo Movies

That’s when Hulu comes in; when it comes to streaming services, it’s undeniably a platform that’s surpassed Netflix in terms of popularity and has continued to expand its impressive library. The proliferation of streaming services has guaranteed that makers of horror entertainment have plenty of places to make their shows, and some of the most thrilling, scary, and imaginative horror stories are now being developed for the small screen.

However, Hulu is geo-restricted in many countries of the world, which means it is only available in the USA and Japan. So, there are some chances that you might miss out on some of the best horror movies and shows on Hulu. Luckily, VPN is the only way to directly access Hulu Mexico, Australia, Spain, Canada, the UK, and from anywhere in the world. Once you subscribe to a premium VPN, you can binge-watch your favorite horror movies and shows. So, go through our list of the 5 best Hulu movies and shows without further ado!


Prano Bailey-Sundance Bond’s smash from 2021 has already completed its theatrical run and is now available to Hulu members. For recent horror indie smashes, no one beats Hulu. This one revolves around the story of a woman (Niamh Algar) whose job is to edit the bad parts out of genre movies before they are released. To say that she starts carrying her work home with her would be an understatement.

American Horror Story: Murder House

While every other season of American Horror Story has a little through-line to the seasons before and after (not just because most of the cast members appear in many seasons), each season functions as its own little mini-series. Of the 10 seasons that have been out so far, Murder House – the very first season — is quite commonly considered as being the greatest.

After a family tragedy, the Harmon family — Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton), and Violet (Taissa Farmiga) — relocates from Boston to Los Angeles to start again. Unfortunately, the home they are moving into is alive with ghosts, who can be difficult to distinguish from the living.

The Exorcist

This series is tied to the iconic horror film of the same name––indeed, it is a direct sequel to it. On one side of the globe, a priest in Chicago is called to investigate a parishioner’s concerns about her daughter, while on the other, a priest and renegade exorcist in Mexico City deals with the death of a child whose soul he was unable to save.

Unfortunately, The Exorcist only lasted two seasons, which is a shame because it’s a great program. However, there is a silver lining: you can easily binge-watch the entire series in a single weekend.

In The Earth

One of the best COVID films to date is Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire, a bizarre horror movie that premiered at the international Sundance Film Festival 2021  and is now available on Hulu. Two researchers venture deep into the woods in pursuit of a colleague who may have gone insane. It’s a captivating, dramatic piece of cinema that’s half Apocalypse Now and part acid trip.


NOS482 is a vampire story about an immortal named Charlie Manx who feeds on children and deposits their remains in a strange region inside his own mind called Christmasland, based on the New York Times all-time bestseller by Joe Hill (who happens to be son of the good old Steve King, by the way).

Vic McQueen, an artist, realizes she possesses a special talent to locate Manx and must figure out how to utilize it to defeat him without becoming one of his victims.

We Need to Do Something

The witty 2021 horror film is available on Hulu just a few months after its VOD release. In the novella of the same name, Sean King O’Grady’s film stars Pat Healy and Vinessa Shaw starred as the parents of a family trapped in their bathroom after the apocalypse. A demon dog is voiced by Ozzy Osbourne. You already know you want to see it.


As students at Kent High School, Freakish features some high-profile (at the time) social media stars. When a nearby chemical facility explodes, turning the local people into mutated zombies, the youngsters are collected at school for detention, Breakfast Club-style, on Saturday.

To live, the group must work together. Freakish aired on Hulu for two seasons. The show isn’t necessarily the most heavyweight horror option, but it embraces its teenage soapiness. Regardless, it’s a quick and enjoyable viewing for any zombie horror fan.

Final Words

We combed through Hulu’s current horror programming and selected a few of the best to watch. The standard Hulu subscription starts at $6 per month and includes these titles. However, if you are accessing Hulu from a geo-restricted country, you will also need to pay for a premium VPN service.

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