Jennifer Lopez Reportedly ‘Excited’ To Introduce Her Kids To Ben Affleck Soon!

Some brand new reports say that, as Jennifer Lopez ‘s rekindled romance with Ben Affleck is getting more serious, she finds herself looking forward, more and more, to the day that she will finally introduce him to her kids! The triple threat apparently can’t wait for them to meet each other!

Jennifer Lopez is a very loving and caring mother, which is why introducing her twins to the new man in her life is a very big deal.

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That being said, she is starting to think that moment will come soon as she continues to explore her hot romance with Ben Affleck.

Sources told HollywoodLife that the family meeting is yet to take place but stressed that Jen is looking forward to that day.

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One source dished that ‘Jennifer is excited for Ben to meet her kids, she is so proud of them, but it has not happened yet. She is letting them set the pace. She is very tuned into them so as a mother she will know when they are ready. For now she has been focused on reconnecting with Ben and enjoying her time with him. Even though so many years have gone by in a lot of ways it’s like no time has passed, their connection is so natural.’

They went on to explain that ‘If you’d told her a year ago that she would be dating Ben again, she never would have believed it. But the universe works in such mysterious ways and she is just trying to stay open to whatever is meant to be and enjoying every step along the way. Ben and Jen are working on each other and once that perfects itself, then they want to add the kids to the equation. Right now they’re happy that they’re able to invest another honeymoon phase to their relationship and they want to see where their feelings take them.’

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