How To Memorize Quran In 6 Months

Muslims hold the Quran in great regard, as they do any holy text. They revere it, respect it, and will not allow it to be harmed in any way. Muslims have recited the Quran, understood it, and put it into practice since the time of Prophet Muhammad. 

In this day and age, the reverence for the scripture is unparalleled, and Muslim families place a strong focus on teaching their children not just the meanings of the Quran via their acts, but also to memorize the Quran’s words precisely.

Memorizing the Quran, according to Muslims, is a type of blessing and a good omen. There are some Prophetic narrations that have indirectly encouraged Quran memorization online. Othman bin Affan relates a hadith in which the Prophet is quoted as saying that the best Muslims are those who read and teach the Quran.

Shortest Span Of Memorizing The Quran

Every Muslim wants to memorize the Quran and become a Hafiz. Many of them are not able to communicate in Arabic. But this does not push them back from interacting with the sacred book. Without a doubt, students work hard to remember Quran verses. 

All of these efforts, however, may be in vain if there is no clear direction. You can memorize the Quran in the least amount of time if you know the tricks.

Is It Possible To Memorize The Quran In Six Months?

First and foremost, we must determine whether memorizing the Quran in six months is possible. The Quran can be memorized in the least amount of time. Some students have memorized the Quran even in less than six months. Allow me to show you how.

There is common information that there are 6,666 verses in the Quran. However, eliminating Bismillah, the Quran contains a total of 6,236 verses. With Bismillah, The Quran has a total of 6,350 verses.

We all know Bismillah so there are 6,236 verses which have to be memorized. Six months has 183 days. If we reserve 13 days for revision in separate months, we will have 170 days to memorize the Quran. By doing some calculations, to memorize the Quran and become a hafiz in six months, you must memorize nearly 37 verses per day.

Six Months Is Sufficient Time To Memorize Quran:

So, yes, it is Possible to Memorize the Quran in Six Months. Six months is sufficient time to become a Hafiz. But it takes regular effort, devotion, hard work, and guidance to achieve this. Now the question is how to make it possible in six months. Here in this article, we will suggest a few points that will help you become a Hafiz in six months. These points are;

While Memorizing The Quran, Keep Your Daily Goals In Mind

It’s not going to work if you memorize on the spur of the moment. When memorizing in this manner, you may become a Hafiz but not a quality one. However, if you want to remember the Quran in six months, you’ll need to be more structured. 

When memorizing the Quran, it’s a good idea to set a daily goal. Then stick to the objective and don’t leave it until you’ve reached it. We mentioned the target above as a point of reference.

Continue Revising While Doing Your Daily Activities

You’ll quickly forget new passages if you keep memorizing them. This is where revision comes in handy. The greatest technique to remember the Quran is to review it every day while going about your everyday activities. You won’t have to set up any time for memorizing this method. That is the finest idea if you still have some spare time for memorization.

Early Morning Is The Best Time To Memorize

Memorize the Quran first thing in the morning if you want to learn how to memorize it rapidly. You have a clear head in the morning. You have a clear head. It makes memorizing the Quran much easier. After Fajr prayer, devote some time to memorizing the Quran.

Online Quran Memorization

Even if you go to a mosque to learn the Quran, you may encounter some difficulties. The first is that with so many students, memorizing will be difficult. It will also be difficult for you to learn the Quran if the teacher does not pay attention to you. That is why you should remember the Quran via the internet. You can memorize the Quran online for a small amount each month.

Relax In A Peaceful Environment

Memorization of the Quran necessitates a distraction-free atmosphere. In a noisy setting, you cannot Hifz Quran. That is why, when memorizing Quran verses, you should sit in a quiet environment.

The Bottom Line

It is a challenging task to memorize the Quran in six months. But it’s not impossible. People have done it before, as previously stated. You can memorize the Quran in six months if you use the right method. In this article, some important steps are shared to memorize the Quran in six months.

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