How to Pick Hosting for Melbourne Freelance Writer?

Melbourne Freelance Writer – As a Melbourne freelance writer, you need to have a professional freelance site, whatever your niche is. Besides, you need to follow these digital marketing techniques to boost a hosting website this year. It is the most effective technique to develop your business at an easy stage and get paid. 

As a Melbourne freelance writer, you might be getting your clients from other freelancing websites just because, in your opinion building a website is very difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Nonetheless, creating your own website effectively attracts clients without even paying them a commission. Hence, it is very convenient and worth it to build your own site. But before coming up with a site, you will need to select web hosting services in Melbourne.

Navicosoft is a well competent web hosting services agency. We make sure to provide you web hosting services in Melbourne with full perfection in every aspect. Navicosoft provides you everything according to your needs. We make sure to deliver the best hosting in Melbourne in every aspect of your website. Whether it is speed, security, uptime, or any other feature, we deliver you the most secured plans. 

Here are some characters that you need to consider in helping you to choose the right web hosting in Melbourne plan:

Types of Hosting Plan

Before picking a web hosting provider, you will have to decide which kind of plan you will require in order to host your blog. Hence there are numerous web hosting options available that include:

  1. Shared Hosting

In this hosting type, you will have to share one server with many users. Therefore it is like renting your server, but it will eventually compromise the space and quality.  


Shared hosting has advantages which include that it is extremely affordable. Moreover,you don’t need to monitor the technical facets of your server maintenance. Therefore, shared hosting is the best approach for people who get low traffic levels on their site and do not require a good amount of storage space for pictures and other documents.


However, there are some hindrances as well that if your neighbor’s website encounters an issue, it will affect yours. Moreover, you get very limited customization options. You will not be allowed to make any modifications to your website that and even if you want to, you will have to change the server. Therefore, it is very suitable for a good start, but it will not be a good option for bloggers looking to grow their site.

  1. VPS Hosting:

A virtual private server means you get a server space, and you get the authority to customize it according to your needs. Therefore it is similar to a dedicated server but at a low price. When you pick a VPS hosting plan, you will own the server with the following pros and cons:


The best part is that you will have access to the whole server with some full administrative rights. Therefore it means you can customize the server and install anything you want to. Moreover, you get an option to choose whichever OS you need with the supported OS’s


It is not a good web hosting in Melbourne, especially for freelancers who have vast web development experience. Moreover, you will also need technical knowledge regarding how to manage the VPS server. Finally, since you are still using a shared server, your neighbors can interfere with your website.

You can choose VPS only if you have the relevant technical knowledge to manage your website. Otherwise, you will have to pay the developer to help you.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a virtual server that operates in a cloud computing environment. You can easily draw resources from a cloud network and ensure that your site is never down.


Most cloud hosting providers guarantee you a very high uptime and ensure that your site is never inaccessible. Moreover, cloud hosting is very flexible and scalable, which is the best aspect. Hence you can get more resources for your site even if there is a traffic spike.


It can be very expensive if you do not monitor your monthly costs. Moreover, there is also an apparent misconception that cloud hosting is not very secure. However, it is not true in most cases.

Cloud hosting is suitable for a Melbourne freelance writer who has high volumes of traffic on his website. Hence using storage space, limitless resources, and a high uptime guarantee, cloud hosting provides a great option for people who prefer scalability for their blog.

Apart from these web hosting services in Melbourne, dedicated hosting plans are available, which are comparatively more expensive and can cost you hundreds of dollars every month. Hence they are suitable for huge organizations or people who require massive resources every month. Moreover, people who have unique server requirements and need complete customization can also use it. 

Should I Pick a Free Plan of Web Hosting Services in Melbourne?

In almost all situations, picking free web hosting services in Melbourne, such as Wix, WordPress, or Blogger, is not wise. Here are some of the significant reasons why you should not be doing so:

You definitely want to rank high in search engines like Google. Therefore while selecting free web hosting services in Melbourne, keep into your consideration that SEO is already very difficult to achieve. Hence don’t simply make it tougher for yourself by picking a free web hosting in Melbourne plan that does not even allow customization on your domain.

  • You will get the subdomain name such as “,” which is unattractive and hard to remember. Attaining a customizable domain name is important for your success as well as the credibility of the freelance hosting site. In order to get the best web hosting in Melbourne for your blogs, you will have to spend some money every month on a web hosting plan.
  • Moreover, you will not even own the content if you are working with platforms such as Blogger. It means that your content is not safe at all, and your hard work can disappear anytime.
  • You cannot even monetize. Even if you are using plugins such as AdSense on the blogs, you might face restrictions which means you will be unable to monetize your blog. Therefore it is of no use.

Which Web Hosting Plan is Apt For a Melbourne Freelance Writer?

While picking the best web hosting for bloggers, you need to consider the type of website you wish to have. Moreover, you need to consider some aspects such as traffic levels and the number of resources you will require while considering hosting for a Melbourne freelance writer. You can get your web hosting services in Melbourne from Navicosoft. We provide you with 24/7 support and let you scale up whenever it is essential. We are among the best web hosting companies in Melbourne. Navicosoft has been serving for decades and has successfully built our name by providing exceptional web hosting services. In addition to this, we provide services to various well-known organizations with some best features, including VPS Hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting in Melbourne.

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