9 Expert SEO Tips to Optimize Your Shopify Store

Search engine optimization is on the top of the to-do list of every online business owner. Because it increases traffic towards the site that directly increases the rate of sales.

Shopify is considered the most recommended eCommerce platform. Therefore it’s widely used by online sellers to set up an online business. Because it makes things easy and fast. But you need SEO legwork to optimize your Shopify store.

The below SEO guide highlights expert SEO tips that are fundamental to optimizing your Shopify store. It will help to attain good visibility for your Shopify store. Follow these expert SEO tips to improve the SEO of your Shopify store.

Reasons why you should consider Shopify for your online store:

  • It’s highly flexible for your specific needs and preferences.
  • It provides easy backend administration.
  • Shopify offers built-in tools.
  • It’s an advanced ecommerce-platform with expert SEO features.
  • Shopify’s ecommerce platform is easy to use. It doesn’t require coding skills. Therefore it can save time and effort.

What you get with the Shopify ecommerce platform:

  • It provides customer support with technical advisor help.
  • Shopify offers a web-based Content Management System. It will update the website and online store easily.
  • Shopify allows integration with POS systems.
  • It provides secure payment gateways.
  • It meets all W3C standards.
  • Moreover, it allows website customization with complete control of HTML and CSS.

Expert SEO Tips to Optimize Your Shopify Store

Here are some expert SEO tips to help your Shopify store rank well. 

1. Create a Site Hierarchy

Structuring the store makes it easier for the customer to navigate. But it also helps Google to crawl each page easily. In order to determine which page is most important.

Consider creating categories and subcategories that can link back and forth. It will act as a map of your store that guides customers to the products. It can increase user experience and boost conversion. Moreover, it can optimize your Shopify store. Therefore, it can be an expert SEO tip.

2. Optimize Metadata

You need to use keywords throughout the store strategically. Then focus on the elements you need to insert. Such as descriptions, titles, tags, and URLs.

Optimize metadata is an expert SEO tip. It will direct Google towards your page. Then Google will see what each page is about. And then determine if it is relevant to searchers.

3. Add Alt Text to Images

Adding alt text in images is an expert SEO tip to optimize your Shopify store. Basically, the Shopify store is visual. In that, product images are not only crucial for buying. But it’s a key asset for optimizing. Therefore, add alt text and descriptions with keywords in images. It will boost your ranking.

Besides, you can use the Shopify SEO app. For example, Alt Text will help you to populate images with relevant keywords.

4. Start Blogging

It seems irrelevant, but blogging is an expert SEO tip that will increase traffic for your site. It increases the chance for more customers to find you. Moreover, it helps you to rank higher in search engines. You can target potential customers through engaging and authentic content.

In addition, blogging also generates backlinks for the site. Backlinks are important as its one of the top three ranking factors.

5. Optimize Site Speed

According to a survey:

  • 79% of shoppers never return to the site if they notice a slow loading speed.
  • 46% of users don’t use poorly performing websites again.
  • You have only 5 seconds to connect with a customer before they leave the website.
  • You have around 2 Seconds for peak Load Time.
  • 74% of users will discard the cart if it takes a longer time to proceed.

It indicates that people won’t stick around if your store is slow. Moreover, it will indicate to Google that the site isn’t relevant for the search terms. And it will negatively rank on the search results. That’s the reason optimizing site speed is an expert SEO tip to optimize your Shopify store.

You can increase site speed by following these steps:

  • Choose a fast Shopify theme.
  • Compress images
  • Install the app that you need.

6. Remove Duplicate Content from Your Store

Duplicate content means the text that matches with another page. That page can belong to your site or anyone else.

A duplicate copy can negatively impact a Shopify store. However, search engines can tolerate internal duplication. But external duplication isn’t acceptable. It can create adverse effects on ranking. Moreover, Your store will be penalized by search engines. Therefore, consider removing duplicate content from your store. It’s an expert SEO tip.

7. Google Analytics Integration

Setting Google Analytics integration is an expert SEO tip to optimize your Shopify store. It’s a must action you need to take for tracking website performance. It will help you to analyze how people are behaving on your site. Then you can make valuable future decisions for your site according to the results. It will increase user experience. And boost your ranking in search engine Google.

Pro Tip: always add universal analytics code. It’s the latest version of Google analytics.

Open the Shopify store and go to Admin > Online Store > Preferences. From there, paste the tracking ID code snippet in the Google Analytics Account field. (It’s simpler than the CMS option.)

8. consider Setting Up 301 Redirects for Old Product Pages

If a product is out of stock in the Shopify store, you need to inform search engines about that. So that it moves to a new page. For that situation, 301 redirect is the best solution.

Basically, 301 redirect passes ranking power from old URL to new URL. It is used when a page is permanently removed or moved. You can add 301 redirects in Shopify by following steps:

  • First, Navigate to Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects.
  • Select Add URL redirect.
  • Write the old URL in Redirect from and the new URL in Redirect to.
  • Then, click Add.

Remember, if the URL you are directing still has a web page, you need to delete the page. So that redirect can work.

When to use 301 redirects:

  • When there are 404 pages and expired content.
  • Domains are moved permanently.
  • When web pages or products are moved or removed.
  • While migrating from ecommerce to Shopify store.

9. Incorporate Video and Engaging Media 

To optimize your Shopify store, create dynamic product pages with engaging videos, images, and customer feedback. It’s one of the expert SEO tips you need to consider. These assets will leverage customers to stay on the page for a longer period. But make sure the content is authentic and relevant. Moreover, cross-publishing your content on YouTube and other social sites will boost SEO.

The more dynamic your site’s pages are, the more Google is going to deem them. As a result, your store will rank higher in search results.

Final Thoughts

SEO is essential to optimize your Shopify store. It leverages traffic towards your site to increase the rate of conversion and sales. It doesn’t only make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. But it also helps Google to crawl towards the context with relevant keywords to position your store in search engine results.

Follow the above-mentioned expert SEO tips. It will keep you ahead of competitors. And hopefully, you will see considerable traffic from the search engine.

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