ERP For University Automation – A New Horizon in Education

ERP for University Automation is a revolutionary approach to university management and offers real-time benefits for the entire organization. A leading worldwide reputed IT service provider, Expedien eSolutions has been offering customized ERP and University Management System solutions to enhance the working and overall performance of large educational organizations. With extensive industry experience in designing and deploying enterprise solutions, eSTRA Solutions provides quality University Management Software and Enterprise Recruitment Software. With a full complement of full-time application developers and consultants, eSTRA provides cost-effective solutions for the total organization. The solutions of this company are based on latest industry trends and are customizable to meet the exact needs of the organization.

With extensive capabilities of integrated database management, comprehensive reporting and complete customization, eSTRA solutions provide complete benefits to the organizations. This also helps in easy deployment across the organization as it is cross-platform application. It enables easy application and integration of new systems without proper training.

Using ERP for University automation, all departments and units of the university can be mapped in the system. This provides the opportunity of real-time collaboration, communication and distribution of reports. ERP for University automation is designed to improve collaboration and provide a number of useful functions to the users. University Enterprise Solution automates the systems through application hosting and configuration with complete security, scalability and flexibility.

The most common use of ERP for University is to manage payroll and data. With this feature of the system, the employees can login from any location using their existing login details. Users can change or add information from anywhere else if they want to. This feature is mainly beneficial to students who can log in from anywhere in the world.

Another function of ERP for University is to manage records for faculty, staff and students. This includes data on academic grades, student records and data from tuition payment register. This feature will help the organization in assessing the performance and record the data systematically. It will also allow storing student data so that the grading process can be done regularly and avoid discrepancies.

ERP for University enables the organization to gain competitive advantage by having access to information at the speed of instant messaging. Data can be shared across departments quickly to take advantage of the opportunities in competition analysis. This reduces time to share decision-making, and allows the users to make quick decisions on the go.

ERP for University can be customized according to the requirements of the organization. Customizing ERP gives the enterprise maximum flexibility in terms of customization and implementation. Enterprise system consists of various modules which are used to accomplish specific tasks by the organization. Each module is tested and validated after getting feedback from end-users. Modifications and improvements can be made according to the present working system if necessary.

The biggest advantage with ERP for University automation is the speed at which data is updated and analyzed. University operating systems are fast and can access vital information from remote locations at the touch of a button. Enterprise system with ERP for University can retrieve data from servers, laptops, web-based applications, mobile devices, PDA’s and other sources without delays. Universities can save a lot of money, time and efforts through this system which results in more productivity, better quality, reduced cost and improved efficiency. This system also helps in improving quality of education at the university.

The advantages of ERP for University are evident in the increasing revenue and profits of the organization. The business process outsourcing or BPO firms specialize in providing ERP solutions to organizations. Many companies who outsource their business processes have found out that implementing enterprise system is not a very difficult task as compared to modifying business process itself.

There are several advantages of implementing enterprise system for enterprise resource planning like reducing costs, time and efforts. Business process outsourcing firm can also help in improving the process of decision making and overall management. Enterprise system is not only helpful for larger organizations but also for small-medium enterprises and for students’ institutions. University LMS software is one of the best choices which can be effectively implemented in the market today. It is also beneficial for business process outsourcing firms.

ERP for university can dramatically improve the process involved in education. But the main advantage of ERP for university is that it helps the users to streamline the processes and functions of the enterprise resource planning. Enterprise system which is not suitably supported by the university system will definitely bring down the efficiency of the business process outsourcing firm. The system should also be properly tested for functioning in real life situations.

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