What importance BFIC Mainnet is holding, while Solving the Scalability Issues

Blockchain technology:

Innovation Factory has officially announced the launch of their most anticipated project. BFIC Mainnet, a third-generation Blockchain technology, will be launched soon with a promise of sustainability, interoperability, and scalability. Blockchain is proving to be a legitimate disruptor in different industrial sectors. The technology has proven to be so promising that even IBM, the world’s largest technology company, has invested more than $200 Million in its research and development. Furthermore, more than 90% of American and European Banks have shown strong interest in blockchain technology. Banking, Government, Personal Identity Security, and Insurance are just a few of the industries where technology is expected to make a difference.


Keeping this in mind, the founders of Innovation Factory were quick to realize the loophole that exists in current cryptocurrencies i.e. scalability. Bitcoin has always been the most liquid and easily transactable cryptocurrency, and Ethereum has dominated the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape similarly. However, new cryptocurrencies have emerged in recent years, posing a threat to the current dual predominance. Despite the significant advancements made, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are not without flaws.

BFIC is one of the market’s leading crypto exchanges, offering amazing features and services to customers of all levels of experience. Some of the exchange’s excellent services and features are described above, and as a potential user, you should be aware with these facts.


The Innovation Factory has created a wonderfully designed decentralized digital finance protocol that includes a digital currency as well as a complete ecosystem that creates a large utility as well as various earning and revenue creation opportunities. The following projects are part of the Ecosystem:

Innovative Decentralized Financial Solutions.

Minimal risks and high crypto profits.

The ecosystem that is both dynamic and powerful.

Trading & Investing Security.

The Digital Financial Economy.

A Cryptocurrency with Global Applicability.


The scalability of both platforms is a problem. To be specific, both cryptocurrencies demand a tremendous amount of energy to operate. This leads to high “gas fees” on the Ethereum network, as well as very expensive Bitcoin mining hardware. As a result, these costs have increased. BFIC Mainnet, on the other hand, is a blockchain technology that not only combines the features of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron but also adds unique features that have never been seen before. The newly devised concept uses Bitcoin as well as PoS algorithms for all blockchain calculations. For better understanding, BFIC is made up of ecosystem components that can be further divided into 3 main layers.

Creative Financial Solutions:

Innovation Factory is a provider of smart and creative financial solutions. The company is actively creating whole financial protocols and ecosystems that will influence the future of digital money and the economy. The Innovation Factory founders are a collection of fintech experts from across the world who have joined forces to offer innovative advances in digital accounting and financial standards.

Application Layer includes Wallets, DApps, and Smart Contracts.

Core Layer includes Nodes – Light, Common, Master, and Super Representative.

Network Layer includes Storage, Blockchain.

Triple-layered Architecture:

All three layers are designed perfectly to work with coordination and independently without colliding with each other. This enables the blockchain network to execute 100,000 plus transactions per second hence, saving a lot of time. BFIC Mainnet has emphasized a great deal in solving the scalability issue. Millions of users can execute hundreds of transactions at the same time without facing any kind of malleability or delay. BFIC Mainnet charges a minimal fee for all services and provides lightning-fast blockchain technology, Ultimate Immunity, Triple-layered Architecture, and Responsive Scalability.

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