Discover the Joys of Bicycling: How to Select a Senior Friendly Bicycle

Cycling not only allows you to connect to the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and get plenty of exercises, but it is also an excellent means of making friends. After all, there can be few things that bring people closer together than a shared hobby or two. All of this holds particularly true for senior citizens, especially those who are in the twilight of their lives.

These people need a hobby to become revitalized and enjoy life the way they used to do so before. This is the part where a senior-friendly bike comes into the picture. Such a bike can be an excellent means of exercising age-stiffened muscles. It is also a great way of getting to know people, to go out, and ultimately, to enjoy all over again, the zest for life. Let us see how you too can go about selecting a senior-friendly bike, either for yourself or for your loved ones:

Decide on the kind of bike you want

There are many different kinds of senior-friendly bikes around. For example, there are gas-powered bikes, traditional bikes, and even electric or e-bikes. The traditional bike is precisely what its name means. You get on the bike and paddle away until you get tired and come back home. An electric bike is quite popular amongst young and old cycling enthusiasts alike, because of its many advantages over a traditional bike and because it is a safe and comfortable ride.

However, the very best bike of the lot would be a gas-powered bike since it is both light and easy to ride. This is mostly thanks to its paddle assist feature that makes it much easier to peddle. You can easily convert even a traditional old bike into a motorized one by attaching a bicycle engine kit. This way, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only will you be able to make the most of your favorite bike but also go long distances without putting the effort of pedaling the heavy bike on your own. Such a gas-powered bike is particularly useful for climbing uphill for long-distance or when you want to enjoy a long ride without the exhausting experience of peddling your way for an extended period of time.

Buy only from a store

While online market bike stores seem all well and good, you would be much better off actually going to a physical store and selecting a bike for yourself. You should visit as many bike shops as you can, preferably those ones that have seniors as their primary customers. They will advise you about the kind of bike you should ride based on your height, experience, and physical condition. They will also let you test ride the bike so that you know you are very comfortable with it. It would never do to buy a bike that is too big or too heavy for you.   

Such bike shops will also go out of their way to make sure that the bicycle engine kit that you install has been properly fitted as per your requirements. This last is extremely important since an imperfectly fitted bike will give lots of issues. Finally, just about all brick-and-mortar bike shops tend to offer after-sale service as well as extensive warranties. These are advantages that you might not be able to get from an online store.  

Check the terrain on which you want to ride your bike

There are all kinds of bikes for all kinds of surfaces. You will have to be very particular about the kind of ride that you want to undertake on your bike. For example, there are mountain bikes and trail bikes with heavy-duty shock absorbers. There are racers built for pure speed. There are bikes for comfort and bikes for endurance training. Decide what you want from your bike before making a purchase.


Biking is an excellent activity for seniors. It will enable you to meet new people and enjoy the outdoor life. If you get tired easily, simply get a bicycle engine kit and convert your bike into a gas-powered bicycle and let the good times roll!

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