All you need to know about the orange peel powder for skin whitening

First things first, orange feels are very useful for beautiful, glowing skin. All you need to do is incorporate it the right way in your skincare regime. You’re all aware that vegetables and fruits are indispensable for leading a healthy life. They contain essential minerals and vitamins that foster healthy and lively skin and hair.

  • Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are the most important ones. Unfortunately, people tend to undermine the benefits of these things, missing out on essential nourishment of their hair and skin.
  • Orange is one such fruit. It’s rich in Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Its peels have these things in abundance.
  • You often peel it off and throw orange peels in the dustbin but forget that they promote youthful, glowing, and clearness.
  • That’s the catch of many fruits and vegetables. We don’t know/use or trash the peels because you don’t necessarily eat them. They contain the maximum nutrients.

A backdrop

So, orange peel powder for skin whitening is an effective powder, which you can easily make at home. Dry out the peels in the Sun before turn powdery. Dry them up fully and use them in various ways. Before discarding the peels, know these natural masks and the benefits that come with orange peels.

  • Cleaning out Acne and its scars: Orange peel powder is loaded with Vitamin C, helping different types of skin, especially the oily types, helping them to form the elastic and collagen.
  • Since the powder has anti-bacterial properties, it can thwart the Acne producing bacteria, promoting flawless skin.
  • Just take a few spoons of the powder and mix it with a few drops of quality rose water. Apply the mixture to the affected spot.

The natural properties

Orange peel powder also works as a natural bleach. Most Vitamin C-rich fruits comprise natural bleaching agents.

  • They help in lightening pigmentation and dark spots. Orange peel powder is certainly the best product in this segment.
  • The natural AHAs and vitamin C from the powder help in restoring the skin’s natural complexion. It’s a safe, natural method.
  • In addition to your skin, you can use orange peel powder for whitening those sparkly spots as well.
  • It’s also a superb natural exfoliator. Orange peel powder contains natural minerals that render a youthful and radiant appearance to your beloved skin.
  • You can make a gentle exfoliator for the easy removal of dead cells from the skin surface.
  • The powder also helps in fostering the regeneration and cultivation of new cells.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of the powder to a jar. Add two spoons of coconut milk and sugar to the mixture. It will gradually form a thick, coarse paste.
  • Apply it to ensure a gentle exfoliation of your skin. After a session, you’ll find naturally glowing skin.

Lip protection and natural glow

Apart from being a ceaseless source of Vitamin C, orange peel powder is also a great Vitamin A source. It also acts as a strong ingredient to protect your skin from the Sun.

  • It also protects your lips. The peel powder can act as a fantastic ingredient for lip balms. It naturally shields your lips from wracking and tanning.
  • Take the powder and sugar in equal amounts and make a consistent mixture with almond oil. Wait till it forms a thick paste.
  • Put the paste in an airtight container. Store the paste in the fridge for six hours. Your natural lip balm/cream with optimum sun protection will be ready.
  • It’s also a natural glowing agent. Orange peels a wonderful Vitamin C source, helping in naturally creating glowing skin.
  • Add the powder to a dedicated face pack. It could be a common formation that makes a bodypack or face powder.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of the powder to a container. Mix some honey and rosewater to create a face pack for dry skin.
  • Apply it on the skin and leave it for ten minutes or so. Use lukewarm water for rinsing it off.

It’s amazing how the powder can rejuvenate your skin within a few minutes. Everyone wants glowing and lively skin but doesn’t know how to do it. As you can understand, don’t throw the precious orange peels in the dustbin. You know what you can do with it. Best of luck.

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