Create A Picture-Perfect Christmas Tree with These Decorating Tips

Any Christmas-themed decoration would never be complete without the Christmas tree. Everyone would love to create a festive and stylish tree with decorations that are perfectly balanced and coordinated. However, this task is not that easy for everyone.

Some find it hard to choose the ornaments while others have a hard time arranging it all on the tree without making it look too overworked. If that’s your struggle, you’ve come to the right place. This article would surely help you achieve a perfect and Insta-worthy Christmas tree for the holidays.

Choose the Best Tree

First of all, you need quality tree to be the base of your decoration. Durable and quality trees last long and could be reused over and over again through the years, saving you a lot on Christmas decorations. When you buy Christmas tree, it is best to choose a traditional one rather than those fancy-looking ones since they are less likely to go out of style even after years have passed. The size of the tree depends on which suits your free space at home.

Christmas tree
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Prep the Tree

Prepping is one of the important steps you should do before decorating the tree. This is done by fluffing and shaping branches so the tree looks well shaped. Separate each branch so there are no empty gaps on the tree. Although it could be time consuming, the tree would totally look more lavish even if you only have few ornaments on it.

Pick a Theme

To make decorating easier, it is best to choose a theme you like. There are no rules when it comes to Christmas tree themes, it’s good as long as you want it. That way, shopping for ornaments and other decorations would be a lot easier since you already have an idea which one suits your theme.

Install the Lights

When decorating a tree, start by installing the light first. You could also opt for pre-lit Christmas trees if you want to save time on decorating, however, these tress cost more than the regular ones. It is a lot easier to put the lights before anything else than when you already have the ornaments attached. You could start from the top of the tree downwards, gradually wrapping the string of lights around branches.

Add the Ornaments

After choosing the right ornaments that would fit your theme, it is now time to arrange them around the tree. Start attaching the ornaments from the top of the tree towards the bottom and see to it that they are well distributed all over the tree. You could also try clustering baubles by three for a different visual appeal. When putting garlands and ribbons, be sure not to wrap the tree to tight since it won’t be that visually appealing. Top it with a tree topper of your choice and complete the whole setup with a Christmas tree skirt.Once you’ve tried out those tips mentioned above, you’d definitely have a beautiful and stylish Christmas tree that looks like it was professionally decorated.

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