Gifts From a Parent to Their Daughter on Her Wedding

A daughter’s wedding will always be special to the parents. It is the most important moment in their daughter’s life where she takes the big step to start a family. To celebrate such occasion the parents would love to gift something special and memorable to the child.You can give anything you want, there is no specific rule on what you should give. Listed below are some things you can consider.


This is something that has been passed down from generation to generation. You would have received it from your parents now it is the time to give it to your daughter. Heirlooms are personal and very special; your daughter would be very excited to get this. If you wish you can gift this earlier maybe the night before the wedding.

Embroidered wedding ring pillow

You can customize a wedding ring pillow with a beautiful message like “always forever “or anything meaningful and gift it your daughter and son in law. This would surely make them so happy.

Personalized dish ring

A customized dish ring will be a very special gift to your daughter and son in law. You can get it customized with their initials. This is where they will be keeping their wedding rings and every time your daughter sees this, she is going to be reminded of you.

Equipment for their house

You daughter and son in law may have already gotten a place to stay. Since it is a new house there won’t be much furniture or equipment. You can get furniture or electronic appliances from electronics layaway as a gift to them.

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Photo book filled with memories

This gift will surely warm your daughter’s heart. Make a photo book filled with pictures of her growing, to make it even nicer you can add a little story about each pic with the dates if possible. She would adore this gift and treasure it.

Vintage wedding dress clutch

You can use a piece of your wedding dress and make a vintage wedding dress clutch that your daughter can use on her wedding and afterwards. This would give her comfort as she would be holding something memorable and something that reminds her of her mother.

Decorative pieces for her house

When she moves to her new house with her husband, she would need decorative pieces to make the house very homely. You can gift paintings or lamp or some household plants or anything else that you think would make a good gift.

Create something

You can make something and gift it. If you are good in sewing you can sew a bed sheet and pillow case for your daughter or you can stitch a nice dress.


Jewellery is something that can be used for a long time. You can go jewellery shopping and get a necklace of unique design or customize one per your wish. This would make such a beautiful gift.

Book a vacation

For the couple to enjoy you can book them a trip abroad.

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